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Game Review: Square Off for WP7

5.0By Frank Dominik June 13, 2011 02:37 PM

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Game Review: Square Off for WP7

It's not a very common thing to find an outstanding Free or even Cheap game. But when I find one I sure love to share it with people.  Today's find is "Square off",  A game worth writing home about that's for sure!  

So what's so great about this game?  Well just about EVERYTHING!  This game has great doodle graphics, great controls, and a great addictive factor.  It's not an easy game by a long shot, and there are plenty of levels to keep you busy for quite awhile.  With a marketplace ratting of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars you really can't go wrong.

The overall plot/objective of the game is, you play as a hybrid alien created in a lab to fight the earth invading aliens from another planet.  Your the last hope to save the world!  

Controls are like using two virtual joy sticks, one to move your alien's direction and the other one to aim his gun.  Overall they work perfectly all the time and there wasn't much of a learning curve for me.

The game is only .99 cents and there is even a free trial.  You CANNOT go wrong with this awesome game!

Official Description:

Blast, dodge and disintegrate your alien enemies in a desperate bid to save humanity.  Wield shotguns, bombs and missiles in an insane survival frenzy. Features beautiful sound and 2.5D graphics, hordes of vicious aliens and absolutely load of addictive fun

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