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Game Review: Cannon Paul for Windows Phone

3.3By Frank Dominik April 11, 2011 07:01 PM

Htcpedia review:

Game Review: Cannon Paul for Windows Phone

Another Angry Birds type of a game?  You bet your Baloonians!  We received an Email from Developer Christian Ritzinger who asked us if we could review his newest game, "Cannon Paul".  I'm sure glad he did!  In this cleaver little game the goal is to launch Cannon Paul with a sling shot at those nasty Baloonians and Pop them like the balloons they are!

Packed full of 18 levels in 3 worlds (and more to come in the next update) it's sure to bring hrs of fun! 

The game loads very quickly and has very nice graphics and music/sound FX.  It's feel is very similar to Angry Birds or Chicks n Vixins but with a little twist.  Instead of trying to kill stationary enemy's you are trying to hit balloons which are constantly moving.  This does add a small learning curve even if you are used to the other classic games.
Overall it does has lasting appeal and comes with a FREE trail!  Which is always a good thing.  If you decide to buy it's only .99 Cents so you really still can't go wrong.  In my opinion it's another fun game worth it's cheap price.

Things I'd like to see improve are a more improve physics engine to give it a more real feel, a larger soundtrack and although good, improved graphics.

Official Discription:

Help Paul and his friends to take revenge on the evil Balloonians!  Shoot them down with your slingshot - but try to evade obstacles like moving walls or wind fields and knock down structures if they stand in your way.

-New Online Score!
-18 challenging levels in three unique worlds
-Physics engine based game
-Five Cannonians with special abilities
-Nine different ballonians trying to escape
-Three Bonus Games
-Balloonian Hunter
-Cannonian Boccia
-Knut Hood
-Highsocre for each level, bonus games and total score

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