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Review: FourSquare for WP7

2.7By Frank Dominik July 13, 2011 06:45 PM

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Review: FourSquare for WP7

Almost everyone knows what foursquare is, and I'm not here to review that itself.  I am here to tell you to check out the official foursquare app for WP7 now.  It recently received a huge overall and now speed improvements puts the app where it should be.  

When WP7 was released there was an official foursquare app, but that app was horrible.  Laggy, missing features, crashes and so on..  So I used " 4th and mayor" which is an app made by a Microsoft developer.  That worked great, it was simple and fast.  However, recently I decided to check out the official foursquare app once again and man what a change.  It is not in version 2.2 and everything was redesigned from the ground up.

What's good:

Check in speed is fast
UI is pretty and easy to use
On par with android foursquare app
Utilizes the panorama of WP7

The Bad:
Takes a little long to boot
Swiping in app is not super smooth

Go check it out, it's FREE and worth making your default foursquare app!

Official Description:

Panorama dashboard view of updated place, friends, me and explore
Super-fast check-in via one click "tap and hold" on place in the panorama and pivots
Leaderboard Live Tile
Useful new sorts, e.g. place by "here now", friends by "name"
Mapping of nearby place, friends and specials


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