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Review: Turn By Turn for WP7

4.8By Frank Dominik June 01, 2011 05:36 AM

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Review: Turn By Turn for WP7

About time!  A Real Turn by Turn Navigation for WP7 that has NO SUBSCRIPTION COST.

Okay so the makers of Outdoor Navigation (GPS Tuner LLC) finally made a great full fledged voice guided navigation for WP7 that has no monthly subscription!  THAT'S RIGHT!  All you have to do is spend 4.99 once and nothing ever again!  

Turn by Turn uses Bing Maps and has a simple quick UI that gets you where you want to go quickly and safely.  I used this myself and tested now on 2 trips now, both of which were successful.  

The thing I love the most that I have always hated with other turn by turns for other OS's is the Voice.  The voice used is VERY distinct and understandable!  It's clear, crystal clear in fact!  I love it!   Another thing is how easy it is to set up a route.  Just search what you want, than tap on it, and click GO.  It will route from your current location, and it's pretty quick (on 3G).  Also YES it does have re-routing, so if you make a wrong turn it does correct the route.  Another great thing is it runs under the lock screen!  This is a must, and some other apps overlook this!

Up next for V1.1 will be:  Avoid highways and toll roads, Map Download, Quick search POIs around your planned route.

There is a trial mode of 1 route up to 12 miles, I know kind of lame, but hey at least you can try it out before you buy!  And the developer is always open to comments!

Overall a great app that I give 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Official Description:

Turn by Turn Navigation gives you premium quality Voice-Guided driving directions on your Windows Phone.  Just simply tap a point on a map or search address/POI, then click on the pushpin and press the GO button.

It is that simple.

Leave the rest to Turn by Turn Navigation, which calculates your route based on your current GPS position and provides you with real-time turn by turn voice navigation.


-Voice-Guided turn by turn Navigation with premium audio quality
-Automatic Map rotation according to your heading
-POI and address search
-Add POI-s or locations to favorites
-Route calculation based on Time or Distance using Traffic information
-Bing Road and Hybrid Maps
-Support portrait and Landscape mode
-Automatic re-routing if you miss a turn
-Speed Dependent Volume control
-Driving and walking directions
-US and Metric units are supported


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By vinnyh June 01, 2011 01:54 PM

Nice... WP is finally getting traction with the rest of the developers who developed solely for iOS or Android


By cgigate June 24, 2011 04:34 PM

Wp 7 is dead OS!


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