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Shhh I Got Your HTC Ville Pics Right Here

Every time a new phone comes out, it's the same old song and dance. A photo gets leaked, then another, then four. Then it's "Ohhhh look at this, and Ohhh look at that". The most we can do is hope they are real. The HTC Ville....

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HTC Biding its Time for Android Tablet Release

With the slew of tablet announcements coming out of every Android orifice there is one company that says ‘we can wait’: HTC. Since Apple cracked open what was previously a niche market and made tablet computing a household item, there has been quite a rush to offer comparable devices based around the Android OS (with some companies doing so for over a year now, probably staring quizzically at the sudden onrush of competition).

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Android 2.0, Release 1 IS OUT!

Ok, everyone has been waiting on pins and needles here but Android 2.0 has officially been sighted on the Android website. For a list of new user features and platform highlights, see the Android 2.0 Platform Highlights document.

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Touch-IT Xperience v14 ROM from Itje and HTCPedia

Today is a special day here at HTCPedia, and well, in the entire HTC community. We now have a new ROM release thanks to the one and only, Itje!

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HTC Touch Pro2 Coming August 12th to a T-Mobile Shop Near You

T-Mobile announced the official release date of the highly anticipated HTC Touch Pro2. That day is August 12th, and for those who've been waiting patiently to upgrade or switch over to an HTC phone, that day can't come soon enough.

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