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ChevronWP7 dev says HTC 7 Pro coming to Sprint in early March

To those of you waiting to ditch your Sprint Touch Pro 2s, take heart, because the HTC 7 Pro may finally, mercifully, be on the way.

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ROM REVIEW: ►Windows Phone 7 for HTC HD2◄

Can we now announce the death of Windows Mobile 6.X on HTC HD2? Perhaps, Windows Phone 7 is a dramatic departure from the menu system of Windows Mobile. The stylish new OS is intuitive and enjoyable to use, and also easy to customize with apps and features. A hub system neatly arranges the core functions into logical areas. Web browsing on the streamlined Internet Explorer is now super quick, with an agile pinch-to-zoom action and simple bookmark management. Getting to the point quickly, Windows Phone 7 was recently ported to HD2 with a standalone ROM and a couple of impressive work performed by DFT to make this true for the HD2 devices. Microsoft made a hefty jump toward competing with other mobile operating systems and this is possible now to try on HTC HD2 devices.

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Jailbroken Windows Phone 7 devices lock down after two weeks

It appears that unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices revert back to their locked state after about two weeks. This has caused quite a panic among users fearing that Microsoft was actively targeting unlocks, but actually it's just a security feature of the phone.

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ChevronWP7 discontinued, Microsoft to listen to homebrew devs

Well this is a mixed bag of developments. Do you remember ChevronWP7, the Windows Phone 7 tool that was released last week and allowed users to sideload apps onto their devices? Well, it's being discontinued.

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Is Windows Phone 7 getting a huge update in January?

There's a lot to like about Windows Phone 7, but right now it is still very much a 1.0 project and is missing key features such as multitasking and copy and paste. However, according to Chris Walsh, one of the developers of the sideloading tool ChevronWP7, a pretty big update may be hitting the platform in the new year.

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace reaches 3,000 apps, devs open door to sideloading

Microsoft has reached another milestone in its attempt to return to mobile prominence, as the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hit the 3,000 app mark this week. If official apps aren't your style, intrepid devs Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng have cooked up a tool for sideloading apps onto your WP7 device.

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