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Start Going Hands Free With Your HTC Or End Up Like This Guy

I do not know how many times I see people driving and looking down at their lap. As a father I worry a lot about careless drivers and the safety of my children. How long will it take, and what exactly has to happen for people to understand?

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Plantronics BackBeat GO Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

I used the Plantronics BackBeat GO Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for over a week and I have to say that Plantronics has made a great competitor for leading headphones.

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Plantronics BackBeat Go Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Unboxing

Before I get to reviewing the Plantronics BackBeat Go Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, I figured I would show you the unboxing to let you see what you are getting.

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Bose Bluetooth Headset/Earpiece Series 2 Review w/Video

Bose is famous all around the world for producing some of the best sound systems that have ever been created and now they have entered the Bluetooth world with their Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2.

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5000 A Year Die From Texting While Driving - Could Be Avoided With A HTC

With the level of technology, actually using the keyboard is almost like cavemen scratching at walls. We have moved passed this and I have been using it for awhile now.

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HTC Titan Accessories - Protect Your Investment

If you are a fan of Windows smartphones then you are a fan of the HTC Titan.

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Simple Easy Perfect Car Dock For The HTC One Line

HTC has thought of everything when it comes to ease of use. The new HTC One car dock is without a doubt the easiest dock ever created for a smartphone.

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Smartphones Of The Future

Recently I have asked a lot of people where they see smartphones in 10 years. Not that I don't have my own ides, but I wanted to get an idea what people were thinking, and I heard some good ones.

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Review: Motorola SF600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Since the 1970's people have been seen walking around, headphones on their melons with wires draped across their chests. Since then headphones went from much bigger to tiny and that cycle continues even today. What has changed, is now wireless with the use of Bluetooth. That is where the Motorola SF600 Bluetooth Headphones comes in.

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Verizon HTC Trophy gets Bluetooth certified, release date still unknown

In another step toward a potential release, the CDMA HTC Trophy passed Bluetooth certification. The phone is rumored to be released on Verizon, and it was thought that it would arrive in early January. That didn't happen, so now we're still waiting.

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