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Is this HTC's smartphone for women?

These "HTC's making a feminine smartphone" rumors won't die down. First came the HTC Bliss, and now comes the HTC Glamor. Pocketnow grabbed images of this phone, which kinda reminds of an updated HTC Wildfire S.

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The Motorola Xoom is coming to both Sprint and T-Mobile

So we're all wondering what Sprint's announcing on Monday, but perhaps it's the Motorola Xoom. The screenshot below, sent to us by a tipster, is of accessories for Motorola's honeycomb tablet, and you can see very clearly at the bottom that Sprint and T-Mobile will each get their own custom packaged Motorola Xoom cases.

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Rumor: Dual-core HTC Pyramid headed to T-Mobile

According to a tip sent to Android and Me, HTC is working on a smartphone for T-Mobile called the HTC Pyramid. It'll come with a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon MSM8260 processor, a 4.3 inch qHD display and support for T-Mo's HSPA+ 4G network. According to the source, the phone will be released by T-Mobile in May 2011.

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Is the HTC Thunderbolt launching February 14?

Phandroid is reporting that the HTC Thunderbolt will be launching on February 14th, the same day Mobile World Congress begins. This would jive with all of the signs pointing to a sooner than later release (the Thunderbolt getting MAP and Verizon employees getting trained).

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Four New HTC Device Names Rumored

There’s been a tip over at that four new HTC devices are in the works, based on a leaked file containing previously unseen code names. Seeing new device code names is always fun, and I believe the majority of the reader base on here might agree with that. There is something magical about imagining what a device might be just from catching a whiff of its intended title. The devices are:

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HTC Desire HD Release Date and Pricing Revealed

Amazon UK, today, has slipped up and posted the release date of the HTC Desire HD, AKA the HTC Ace, early. The device is anticipated via Amazon to go on sale on October 1st, and the price point was listed at 415 British Pounds, or roughly $650 USD. Not much else was explicitly mentioned, but this is a great deal more information than we started with.

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Rumor: HTC Vision to become G1 Blaze

It seems the HTC Vision is a bottomless well of rumors, doesn’t it? The newest one in, as sited on AndroidAndMe is that the HTC Vision has been seen sporting a jaunty little T-Mobile US branding on the device. If nothing else, this should pretty much assure us that we know what carrier the device is headed for. The addendum to this is the speculation that, as per the leaked T-Mobile Roadmap, the device might just be slated to become the HTC G1 Blaze, a true successor to the first handset to don the Android OS.

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Rumor: HTC Desire HD is the HTC Ace

The HTC Desire saw record levels of sales for the HTC, and capitalizing on their success HTC seems to have a HD version of the desire in the pipeline. The device, potentially titled the HTC Ace based on a UK Roadmap (which also mentions an HTC Gold), would sport a wide array of upgrades to the traditional Desire lineup, and bring the popular HTC model up to date with the sterling juggernauts they’ll be releasing come Q4 2010.

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T-Mobile HTC Vanguard Information Surfaces

A few days ago a T-Mobile roadmap was discovered suggesting possible future devices… but that was a few days ago. The devices listed on the roadmap were a few that have already been official announced like the Samsung Vibrant and the Motorola Charm, but also included was the HTC “Vanguard” and the HTC “Emerald.”

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HTC Vision Spotted in the Wild?

It seems images of a mysterious unidentified handset have surfaced. What we do know is that it appears to be an HTC device (by the HTC branding on it… kind of a dead giveaway), has the Android button scheme and appears to be running 2.1, and that is has a 4 row slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The phone is also branded as, perhaps, E40030.

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