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ROM REVIEW: ■□■□ “Elegancia” GTX - Miri & Steve0007 - WM 6.5.X - V 2.0 FINAL ■□■□

In bright clean white “Elegancia” GTX by Miri and Steve0007 is released. HD2 users already familiar with this ROM know how it fully skins their devices and changes the “Black” concept of HTC Sense. Loaded with updated applications such as Opera browser and the new HTC messaging client featuring “secure box” this ROM have its own characteristics and appearance with an updated “home tab”, “messages tab” and start button icons. “Elegancia” GTX with its speed and extreme stability remains on top as the only ROM that fully changes how the HTC Sense looks.

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ROM REVIEW: Elegancia GTX - Miri & Steve - WM 6.5.X - V 9.0

Are you bored of HTC Sense black theme? are you looking for a totally skinned HTC Sense? Miri/Steve0007 “Elegancia” ROM now comes with GTX theme with a totally new task bar from Android and a fully white bright skin. “Elegancia” is now well-known for its stability and great performance and it impress us with new additions and modifications with each released version that makes it one of the most awaited ROM’s each time.

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