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White Evo 3D available Sep 9th from Radioshack

We all knew it would happen sooner or later, (it) being the release of a white version of the new Evo 3D. Well now it’s here the white version of the Evo 3D will be on shelves on Sep 9th. Now I am all for devices in multiple colors especial white but I for one hate when they do it in this way. You have all the people who are loyal to a certain brand or carrier and you award them with being one of the first to use their new devices, then boom a month or two later they make a white version of that exact phone and now you’re stuck with the original when you want the white one. Now I guess you can go ahead and blame the early adopters of the device (like me) because truth is most of us knew they would make a white one and that we should have waited, but I mean come on who passes up on the opportunity to get a brand new device and be one of the first to have it? You ask yourself that and tell me your answer. Now that I’m done with my little rant let’s talk about how much cleaner the white version looks from the black and one thing that I know people who want and will get this device may not like, that being that only the trim and back are white why not go all white everywhere rather than leaving the face plate black, just seems a bit lazy if you ask me. Anyway so Sep 9th is when it will be in store at RadioShack then expect it be sold at sprint also. Is anyone getting this? Is anyone willing to trade me when they get it? LOL

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RadioShack offering T-Mobile HD7 for free

T-Mobile subscribers, looking for some good news in the wake of the news that AT&T is buying your carrier? Well, RadioShack is offering the HTC HD7 for free.

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RadioShack Stepping Up to Offer EVO 4G Pre-Order

As we posted yesterday the HTC EVO 4G is available for preorder at Best Buys near you. The Best Buy preorder is rather straight forward, with a small down payment up front and the rest when the phone is actually released. Radioshack, a little behind their competitor, decided to step up the offer, giving $20 dollar gift cards usable towards HTC EVO 4G accessory purchases on the day of release.

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