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ROM REVIEW: Duttys Leo HG V1.4 [5.2.21896.5.0.91]

Dutty is back unleashing a new amazing Rom released on 19th March 2010. Armed with new colorful icons, this Rom showed to be stable and fast and it is the very close to HTC original ROMs.

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ROM REVIEW: Miri HD2 WM6.5 21896 Sense2.5 V8.0

A new Rom from the magician Rom cooker “Miri” released on 19th March 2010. Similar to all of his released Roms, this Rom is very fast and stable. No issues or errors were found, gives the most out of the HD2 and worth the download.

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ROM REVIEW: Topix 1.5.3 CE OS 5.2.21891 (21891.5.0.88) WWE

A new Rom from a well-known Rom cooker “Topix” was released on 5th March 2010. Amazing how stable this ROM is, I have been using it for 24 hours with heavy usage no issues found, works smooth gives the most out of the lion HD2 with attractive colorful icons.

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HTC HD2 Caught Running Windows Phone 7 Series

Dutch website Winmo has managed to capture Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series running on a HTC HD2 smartphone.

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