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Review for the Official HTC Side Case

The Official HTC Side Case is exactly as it appears: a simple hip-case with a belt clip. It also happens to be very good at what it does. With a classy design and soft leather interior, it's pretty much guaranteed to please. What a case like this offers is solid protection for people that want accessibility but also want to keep their device as naked as possible. Many HTC phones fit snugly and securely in the case, including the One X and EVO 4G LTE. And yes, the interior is as soft as it appears. You won't have to worry about getting it scratched while it's in the case, but you could always apply a screen protector for extra protection. The flap is kept closed with magnets instead of snaps so the process of placing and removing the One X is very simple. It's worth noting that the case is not large enough to accommodate a phone with another case on. If you're looking for that level of extra protection it would be wise to look elsewhere. The clip on the back is sturdy and swivels. While a case like this may seem to be only a hip holster, you could in fact clip onto many other things. The outer material is smooth leather which always looks great. The Official Side Case provides great overall protection and will also provide a decent amount of drop protection from small heights, but if that's the kind of damage you're most worried about you'll be better off going with a more traditional case. Even though the packaging clearly states EVO 4G LTE it can easily fit many HTC phones, so don't let that throw you off. Besides the familiar color scheme there is no marking on the case to indicate that it's for the EVO 4G LTE. All in all this is a solid option for anyone looking for side cases. Of course, once you remove your phone from the case you're taking full responsibility for what happens to it. If that bothers you than something more traditional might be more your style. You can pick up the Official HTC Side Case from the HTCpedia store.

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