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End of the Line for the One X?

It may be unsurprising, but it still stings a bit. A reliable source on Twitter has supposedly revealed that Android 4.2 will be the last available update for the One X. The One X may have debuted last year, but technology moves very quickly. Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, will be the next update. There are currently no compatible devices announced, but it's early days. Even though this is technically a rumor, the source has proven itself to be reliable in the past. In a way, it's the universe telling you that it's time to consider moving on from the One X. Or, you know, it's just Google and HTC. Whatever. Via: Gotta Be Moible Source: @LlabTooFeR

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Review for the Official HTC Side Case

The Official HTC Side Case is exactly as it appears: a simple hip-case with a belt clip. It also happens to be very good at what it does. With a classy design and soft leather interior, it's pretty much guaranteed to please. What a case like this offers is solid protection for people that want accessibility but also want to keep their device as naked as possible. Many HTC phones fit snugly and securely in the case, including the One X and EVO 4G LTE. And yes, the interior is as soft as it appears. You won't have to worry about getting it scratched while it's in the case, but you could always apply a screen protector for extra protection. The flap is kept closed with magnets instead of snaps so the process of placing and removing the One X is very simple. It's worth noting that the case is not large enough to accommodate a phone with another case on. If you're looking for that level of extra protection it would be wise to look elsewhere. The clip on the back is sturdy and swivels. While a case like this may seem to be only a hip holster, you could in fact clip onto many other things. The outer material is smooth leather which always looks great. The Official Side Case provides great overall protection and will also provide a decent amount of drop protection from small heights, but if that's the kind of damage you're most worried about you'll be better off going with a more traditional case. Even though the packaging clearly states EVO 4G LTE it can easily fit many HTC phones, so don't let that throw you off. Besides the familiar color scheme there is no marking on the case to indicate that it's for the EVO 4G LTE. All in all this is a solid option for anyone looking for side cases. Of course, once you remove your phone from the case you're taking full responsibility for what happens to it. If that bothers you than something more traditional might be more your style. You can pick up the Official HTC Side Case from the HTCpedia store.

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HTC Will Let You Setup Your Future One

HTC will allow prospective One buyers to being customizing their phone before they even get one. In an attempt to build even more hype, the HTC Get Started site allows users to customize certain aspects of their currently non-existent phone. You'll be able to choose wallpapers, set passwords, and other user options right now. The portal also works for the One X and One VX. Curiously, the AT&T version of the One is not available. This is a smart way to get people even more excited about the One, even if at first it does sound a little odd. HTC is expected to pull out all the stops when it comes to the One, due in part to their increasingly poor luck.

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AT&T One X Users Get Jelly Bean

Today, HTC One X users will finally be able to enjoy Jelly Bean. As is now widely accepted, the Android market is incredibly (and ridiculously) fragmented. As of right now, this update seems to be One X exclusive, so users of other devices on AT&T will have to wait and twiddle their thumbs for a while. Concerning fragmentation, The Next Web posted a very interesting article that is worth a look. A taste: "...16.5 percent of Android users are using Jelly Bean, 28.6 percent have devices powered by ICS, 1.2 percent are on Honeycomb, 44.2 are stuck with Gingerbread, and 7.6 percent unfortunately still have Froyo." Isn't that something? With so many people using so many different forms of Android, it's amazing that anything gets done. Still, it's a testament to its power that it continues to be a very strong contender despite all that. Anyway, go get your Jelly Bean while it's still hot, to the tune of Android 4.1 Source: TNW

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One is the Loneliest Number

The fine folks over at Omio took spoke to Phil Robertson, the head of HTC Ireland and UK. When queried about the release of other "One" branded phones this year, he had this to say: "Last year, we had the X and the S where people had different personal preferences between the two." "We Just said, let's create one flagship device for this year." The brand new HTC One is set to be the only "One" device this year. An interesting tactic that will put focus on the device -- and the line as a whole -- without crowding the spotlight. It is, after all, very important that the One perform well. Source: Omio

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