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The HTC One Mini is Here

HTC have officially unveiled the little sibling to the HTC One, the HTC One Mini. The Mini will launch at a cheaper price-point and should suit those that found the HTC One to be a tad on the large side. In order to shrink down a few things had to be sacrificed, and so the Mini sports a 1.4GHz dual-core processor instead of the 1.7GHz quad-core processor of the normal One. Also worth noting is that the display takes a hit and it taps out at 720p. The BoomSound speaker feature that HTC has been lauded for is thankfully sicking around, as is the Ultrapixel camera. In order to squeeze everything into a smaller package and save on costs, the HTC One Mini will incorporate more poly-carbonate plastic but will still be mostly aluminum. Even though the HTC One has been performing well, it hasn't been enough to save the company just yet. Of course, the recent failure of the HTC First hasn't exactly helped. The HTC One Mini will hopefully be able to fill whatever need the HTC One hasn't been able to. HTC have no announced a solid release date, but they expect the HTC One Mini to launch worldwide this August. The price also remains a mystery, but expect to be at least a little cheaper than the regular HTC One. HTCpedia will be carrying HTC One Mini products, so stay tuned for more info on that. Via: CNET

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Amazon Slashing HTC One Price on Friday

For one day only starting this Friday Amazon will be cutting the price of the HTC One by 50%. To those of you on the fence, you now have no excuse left. This deal is good for Sprint and AT&T customers that are eligible for an upgrade. New customers, however, will get an even sweeter deal: the HTC One for $79. No, you can't beat that with a stick. Of course, if you find the current model of the One to be too large for your small hands, you could always wait for the release of the Mini One. Via: CNET

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HTC One Mini in the Works

Is the HTC One simply too large for you? Well, don't worry, because a smaller one will be coming your way. Technically this isn't official news, but it is sourced from two different people at HTC. The HTC One Mini is said to launch in August, so expect an official announcement shortly. The HTC One Mini will feature a smaller display and generally lower specs. Expect a lower price-point, and hopefully the Mini One will be able to attack the market from a way that the full-sized version isn't hitting. Source: Bloomberg

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HTC One Officially Launching on Verizon this Summer

Verizon Wireless took to Twitter today to announce that a Verizon version of the HTC One will be launching some time this summer. Patient Verizon customers that haven't jumped ship to pick up the One on another carrier will surely be singing in the streets. No specifics were announced; no date, price, or storage. All the details will be figured out later, but for now, rejoice! Oddly enough this announcement comes after Verizon previously stated that if the One were to come out on the network there would be some fanfare. They might still save the fanfare for when they do announcement said details. Either way, it's been hard, frustrating wait, but it's ending soon. Via: IGN Source: Twitter

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HTC One Nexus Incoming

Android purists have a reason to celebrate today: HTC has announced that Google will be offering the HTC One in Nexus form. The device was shown off today at Google's D11 tech conference. The HTC One Nexus will run Android as "originally intended," with no carrier bloatware. This cleaner and clear version of Android won't include features like BlinkFeed or other HTC designs. This way you'll be able to get of what the One has to offer in as pure a form as possible. The HTC One Nexus will debut at the Google Store on June 26th for $599 Via: CNET

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Sprint HTC One Getting Update

Sprint users are set to get a big HTC One update. This OTA update will improve both Zoe and BlinkFeed, as well as the sensitivity of the Home and Back buttons. The update will apparently be released in stages and you might be able to start grabbing it now. Everyone is going to have to sit this one out for now. If only all carriers were created equally. Via: Droid-Life

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AT&T HTC One Gets a Backup App

HTC has launched an official app to backup your precious data on the AT&T HTC One. The device launched without it, but better late than never. The app is powered by Dropbox and has support for more than 150 different settings, including the usual fare such as various preferences, passwords, bookmarks and contacts. As of right now the app is only available for the AT&T version of the One. The app is now available through the Google Play Store. You can choose to perform either manual or automatic backups, or switch between the two if you really want to keep everyone on their toes. Other versions of the One are bound to get this app eventually, so at this point it's just a frustrating waiting game. Via: Android Community Source: Google Play Store

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Facebook Home Now Available for HTC One and S4

If you are the proud owner of the Galaxy HTC One have been super jealous of your Facebook Home-having pals, you're now covered. An update for Home has just been released that makes it compatible for the HTC One and Galaxy S4. Home hasn't been doing so hot, but downloads have reached about a million in the U.S. So, that's something, right? If you've been itching to let Facebook take over your phone and possibly your life, you can pick up the update right here.

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HTC Turns to Billboards in the UK

HTC's marketing has so far been minimal, even though they've dropped the "Quietly Brilliant" moniker. A polarizing ad have so far been the most prominent outlet. Not so in the UK, where HTC has recently erected giant billboards in several UK cities. The HTC One has been selling well in North America so far without a huge ad campaign, but that doesn't mean we couldn't use some more marketing muscle over here. Even though announced grown in April, they've still got a long way to go before they're anywhere near the top of the totem poll. The Galaxy S4 has so far not been received as well as the One. You know, in case anyone out there is keeping track. Via: Mobile News

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Verizon HTC One Probably Still Coming

Well, this has been a long and uncomfortable road so far. Hopefully, with today's bit of news, it may soon come to an end. Even though HTC recently avoided the issue in an interview posted on Yahoo, a very reliable Twitter source has come forward saying that the Verizon HTC One will be available in the "near future." No, it's not official confirmation, nor does it clear up any of the rumors that it might be re-branded. But it's something, right? It's difficult to not be a little jaded at this point, but there it is. HTC said that when/if the device arrives it's going to be a "big deal." In other words, don't expect a silent launch. Hopefully Verizon customers that were waiting for the One haven't already written it off. As to what the "near future" could mean, it's anyone's guess. An announcement this month or the next would certainly go a long way. Via: Gotta Be Mobile Source: @LlaBTooFeR

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