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Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC Droid DNA

Is this really necessary? Okay. Here we go.

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SmartphonePedia Show ep.25 HTC One X+ vs iPhone 5, HTC One VX & more

Happy Friday everyone and we all know what that means. A new episode of the SmartphonePedia Show is all set for viewing. This is episode 25 and I have a whole lot to tell you all.

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HTC One X+ vs Apple iPhone 5

Everyone is so excited to get their hands on the new HTC One X+. The specifications are amazing and the hands on has been even better. In this article I will be doing the comparison of the HTC One X+ and the new iPhone 5.

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SmartphonePedia Show ep.23 - HTC 8X & HTC 8S, iPhone 5 Chat & Oppo Find 5

Another episode of the SmartphonePedia Show is up and ready for view. This would be an important show to watch if you are planning on getting a new iPhone 5.

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5 HTC Smartphones Better Than The iPhone 5

When the iPhone 5 was announced and I heard everything that it was about, I have to say that it was disappointing. I expected more from Apple. Then I thought about how many HTC smartphones are clearly a better choice.

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HTC One X vs iPhone 5

iPhone 5 day has come and gone. Now it is time to match it up against one of the top smartphones in the world, the HTC One X.

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HTC Windows Smartphones Expected In September

Since the HTC Titan II, all has been quiet on the HTC Windows smartphone front. Yes we did hear of three HTC Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the HTC Rio, HTC Accord, and the HTC Zenith, but nothing since.

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HTC EVO 4G LTE vs GS3 vs GS3 LTE vs HTC Incredible 4G LTE vs iPhone 5 On The Smartphonepedia Show 14

We have another great episode of the SmartphonePedia Show all ready for enjoyment. This week I decided to give a comparison of the HTC EVO 4G LTE vs GS3 vs GS3 LTE vs HTC Incredible 4G LTE vs iPhone 5.

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SmartphonePedia Show ep9 iPhone 5, Galaxy S 3 vs HTC One X, GS3 LTE, EVO 4G LTE and more..

Today, I bring to all of you the next installment of the SmartphonePedia Show, with your host Athanasios Zarkadas.

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SmartphonePedia Show ep8 - Samsung Galaxy S III LTE vs HTC EVO 4G LTE Comparison, Apple iPhone 5 Pics & more

The SmartphonePedia Show has put up another episode today and we talk about some great new things coming our way.

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