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Trident Kraken AMS Case for the HTC One X Review

I decided that I want a case that can protect my HTC One X but at the same time give me some new features. That is how I came across the Trident Kraken AMS Case for the HTC One X.

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Thin Shell Options For My HTC One X

Can you believe how many different cases there are available for the HTC One X? On HTCpedia alone, we have over 60 different types, and styles.

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HTC One X Screen Protector - So Many Choices

The HTC One X has a huge selection of accessories and it has only been around for a short while. I did some checking and I found a selection of ten different screen protectors that you can get

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HTC One X Smashed Still Works Great

Yesterday we did our long awaited drop test of the HTC One X and as you know the screen shattered after the third drop face down on to concrete.

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HTC One X Full Review (Video)

Most HTC One X reviews that have come out, I believe to be premature. I had to make sure that I used the HTC One X to death. Taking it through the tests one at a time.

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Official HTC One X Accessories - Hard Shell Cases & Screen Protection

If you are like me then you like to keep your HTC One X safe, but most cases that come out make the smartphone so much bigger and are usually after market junk.

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HTC One X - We Have It!! Unbox it

The wait is over. We have the HTC One X and I am testing it as I write. I will be giving everyone a proper review after I real play with this amazing smartphone.

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Original HTC One X Accessories

Cellular companies around the world are offering pre-orders for the HTC One X, and I am here to tell you that HTCPedia Shop is now offering pre-orders of HTC One X accessories. The following original HTC accessories have been confirmed to be available, hopefully before or around phone's launch.

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