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HTC One X AT&T Specification Review w/Video

Naturally, since the AT&T version of the HTC One X is different, I have to do a specification review to show you how. There are some suttle differences and there are some major differences as well.

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HTC One X Full Review (Video)

Most HTC One X reviews that have come out, I believe to be premature. I had to make sure that I used the HTC One X to death. Taking it through the tests one at a time.

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SmartphonePedia Show - HTC One X Unboxing, Apple Lies & More

A new show has come into the cellular technology world and it is called the SmartphonePedia Show. This is the first episode and every Friday a new episode will be available.

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HTC One X Hands On Review

I had the opportunity today to get my hands on the HTC One X, and I must say right from the start that is is the best smartphone that I have ever had the privilege to use.

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