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Droid Incredible Gingerbread OTA update being pushed out

Last night around 11pm EST our HTC Droid Incredible received a notification for over-the-air Gingerbread software update with a new build number 4.08.605.3. The wait for an official Gingerbread update for the Incredible owners was a long one. If you happen to own HTC's Droid Incredible smartphone then you probably received the official Gingerbread OTA update from Verizon Wireless last night. If you haven't seen any notifications, try checking for an update manually.

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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update now offers a landscape mode if used with HTC dock

The latest over-the-air Gingerbread update on the HTC Thunderbolt also brought a major update for all of the official HTC Thunderbolt dock owners. You can now view the home screen on the Thunderbolt in a landscape mode.

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Froyo Update for Droid Incredible Available Tomorrow

Couple weeks ago we mentioned that the Froyo update was coming to the Incredible, but we weren't too sure as to when until today. DroidLife has dug up some screen shots of Verizon's internal system showing us that a software update will be available starting 8/27/10. This L-O-N-G awaited update will make your Droid Incredible your new best friend (if it already isn't). The update will feature improved web browsing, many new widgets and shortcuts to offer easy access to your favorite destinations, a 270 degree screen rotation, and much much more.

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HTC Evo 4G Gets Software Update

So as I'm sitting at my desk and just about ready to wrap up for the day, I get a some what mysterious alert notification on my EVO, (and no it wasn't a low battery alert this time) its a system software update alert. It was a prompt asking for my permission to proceed with a system upgrade to 1.32.651.6 (which is 13.14 MB). This is a pretty hefty file size so I'm excited to see what this upgrade will have to offer, I guess will just have to wait and see... Let the software updates begin!

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Droid Eris Update 2.1 Update Now Available

Finally, an update to 2.1 for the Droid Eris has become available. An OTA update for your Eris is now available to Droid Eris software version ROM: 2.36.605.1/Radio:

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HTC Hero Update Pushed Back Again

Impatient HTC Hero owners are not going to be happy to hear the news that the update to the Android 2.1 operating system (also known as Éclair) has been pushed back yet again. It was originally supposed to happen back in February, it got bumped to March and now HTC are saying June. It’s not clear exactly how the update will work either and HTC have described the update offered for free in June as “an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Éclair update.”

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UPDATE: Official HTC WM6.5 ROM Upgrades for Touch Diamond2 (Topaz) - MORE Languages

Thanks to our tom_codon, we've got offical Windows Mobile 6.5 updates for your HTC Touch Diamond2 (Topaz) device. We've got you covered in many languages.

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HTC Issues Driver Updates for the Shift (Vista)

HTC has issued an update for drivers on the HTC Shift (Windows Vista). For those of you with an HTC Shift, download it here.

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Video of HTC Hero ROM Update

The rumored upcoming HTC Hero Official ROM update is causing quite a stir these days. When will it be released? What will it fix (hopefully the lag)? Well, it appears we have a video of the ROM update in use, demonstrating the update.

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HTC Hero May Soon Get an Update

It looks like we may soon see an update for everyone’s favorite Android phone, the HTC Hero. This word apparently comes from HTC Customer Service themselves, in an email stating to check back for an update that should be ready in 10 days.

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