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(Video) HTC Scribe Technology on the HTC Flyer

HTC has touted their Scribe technology and the Digital Pen as the major differentiator between the HTC Flyer and other tablet computers. But how exactly does Scribe work? Can you use it to take notes on a web page? How useful is it for students? Check out the video below to find out.

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HTC Flyer Review

With the HTC Flyer, we finally have the tablet we've been craving for. But is it worth the $500 you'll need to spend to make it your own? And does HTC Sense really make up for the lack of Honeycomb on this device? Sounds like it's time for the HTCPedia review, so read on to get the low down.

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EVO View 4G won't get Digital Pen either, but UK Flyers will

First we heard that the WiFi HTC Flyer wouldn't come with the stylus packed in, but now BGR got a hold of the following promotional image for the HTC EVO View 4G, the WiMax variant that's scheduled to launch on Sprint. As you can see, there ain't no digital pens to be found nowhere.

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WiFi HTC Flyer won't come with Digital Pen because stupid rules the day

Engadget broke the news yesterday that the WiFi HTC Flyer (you know, the one you can pre-order right now; the one that most people will end up buying) will ship without the HTC Digital Pen. Those of you that want a stylus better be ready to shell out the 80 dollars necessary to pick one up.

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HTC Flyer's stylus pen to cost $80 at Best Buy

Now that the HTC Flyer is up for pre-sale, Best Buy's revealed the prices of some of the tablet's accessories. First up, there the Leather Pouch with Pen Holder that will sell for $34.99. Then, for those of you who aren't just happy with one stylus pen, Best Buy will have spare styli, known officially as the HTC Digital Pen, available for $79.99.

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