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Well, hello there!

We are a group of folks who love HTC devices and we’re here to create the #1 online community for HTC users and owners. Here you’ll find the latest news and information about HTC, their smartphones, and their accessories, as well as battles between popular smartphones on the market.

Given that we love to play, use, study and compare smartphones and accessories, we are here to share our thoughts and true opinions with you. We strive to write unbiased, hands-on reviews for every HTC gadget out there. If there is anything we like or dislike about a certain product, you’ll definitely read about it in our review.


Our forum is a great tool to connect with our helpful moderators and other HTC users. Whether you have a technical question about an HTC phone, compatibility questions about HTC accessories, or any other HTC related questions, please feel free to challenge us on our forums. Our moderators are standing by with the actual HTC handsets needed to solve any of your issues.


What’s different about our community is the fact that we actually own just about every single HTC phone model ever released. The majority of our phones were acquired throughout the years due a simple fact: we’re passionate about mobile phones.


It is our honor to invite every HTC phone user to register and support HTCPedia by sharing your thoughts and solutions with the rest of community. Enjoy your stay!


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