Our Editors

Athanasios Zarkadas - Editor

Hello! Tom Zarkadas here. I am a new member of the HTCPedia team. I will be bringing everyone News and Reviews of all new and upcoming products in the mobile phone industry. The cellular world has gone further in technology, in the past 20 years, then air travel. So the next 20 should be even more exciting. I am a self published author. My book (Beyond Borders) is currently sold online. Working for a AT&T retailer has allowed me a peak behind the curtain, so to speak. Seeing first hand where the cell phone industry is headed was amazing. The future can not move quick enough. Here, at HTCPedia, we are dedicated to bring you accurate information ASAP. So jump on for the ride of your life, as we cruise the new tech wave in to the future.


Jordan Warner - Editor

Otherwise known as WolfHavenXIII. I’ve only recently begun blogging, up until now my main outlet for creating content on the Internet has been through YouTube, creating videos about Japanese culture & language. The only other things I’m passionate about besides Japanese would probably be electronics & video Games, and if it weren’t for those hefty price-tags my house would probably look like a mix between CES & E3.

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