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Sprint's CTIA Presser is happening RIGHT NOW

5.0By Nigel Chiwaya March 22, 2011 05:52 PM

Htcpedia news:

Sprint's CTIA Presser is happening RIGHT NOW

It's go time, folks! Sprint's big CTIA press conference is getting under way. We're expecting them to unveil the HTC EVO 3D and the HTC EVO View 4G tablet, but who know what else they'll have up their sleeves. Let's see what goes down.

Ed Note: We're not live at the event, so we'll be meta-blogging; bringing you the best of the liveblog coverage around the web (with some added snark.) Let's get started shall we?


2:17pm: Looks like that's it. To sum up: the EVO 3D has a dual-core processor, can shoot 3D video, and is coming in the summer. The EVO View is a 7-inch gingerbread tablet with dual cameras and is coming in the summer.

2:16pm: The EVO View is launching with Android 2.3, will get a Honeycomb update "as soon as it's available" [BGR] That's troubling
2:15pm: "We know that that the processor is the heart of a phone. That's why we have a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor. They also run asynchronously. This is important. Both cores can run at independent speeds and this saves battery life." [BGR]
2:13pm: Showing the EVO 3D versus other phones. (Surprise surprise, it wins) [Android Central] What do you guys think? Are the specs impressive?
2:11pm: Both devices have HDMI out, but they also have DLNA, so they'll work with the media link adapter. 

 2:10pm: 1730mAh battery on the EVO 3D. [Engadget] I bet Thunderbolt owners would like that right now.

2:09pm: They're making everyone watch 3D videos. Thing is, does anyone really want to watch 3D movies on their phone? And without glasses? Doesn't the Nintendo 3DS cause headaches?
2:07pm: Here's a tidbit: you can view 3D content on your 3D TV using the EVO's HDMI out. [Enadget] That makes sense.

 2:06pm: "We always focus on key market trends. 3D is a trend you are seeing everywhere, and we want to leverage and accelerate that. 3.2 million 3D TVs were shipped in 2010. 91 million are expected in 2014. ABI Research says mobile technology may be the best way to bring 3D to the big screen quicker." [BGR] 

Are 3D TV's actually popular though?

2:05pm: The dual cameras on the EVO 3D are insane. Check the photo above.
2:03pm: Sprint's Fared Adib: "What a lot of people don't know is that EVO is actually short for 'Evolution.'" [Engadget]
2:02pm: BGR has a hand's on with both devices: the EVO 3D and the EVO View.

 2:01pm: Talking about the lock screen: "What we've done is transform that lockscreen into a gateway so you can go straight to your email, maps, whatever." [Android Central] 
2:00pm: Jason McKenzie of HTC is on stage talking about the devices. The EVO View runs the same sense as the Flyer.
1:59pm: Remember folks, rumor has it that the EVO 3D is coming in June.

1:58pm: Both are coming out this summer. [Engadget]
1:56pm: Dan just announced the EVO View 4G tablet. The specs were right on that one too, it's a Flyer with 4G. Quoth Android Central: "7-inch display. HTC Scribe Pen." They also threw a zing at AT&T: no "faux G" 4G.
1:54pm: It looks like all of the rumors were correct. The EVO 3D is dual-core (1.2GHz). It has a qHD display and can show 3D images without glasses.
1:52 Engadget on Dan Hesse: "'Today I am pleased to announce the HTC EVO 3D.'"
1:50: The Show started late. Everyone was given 3D glasses. 
Android Central: "Get read for the next EVOlutionary leap."

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