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The HTC Thunderbolt might be coming tomorrow. It might also not be coming for a while. Confused? You should be.

4.2By Nigel Chiwaya February 23, 2011 06:46 PM

Htcpedia news:

The HTC Thunderbolt might be coming tomorrow. It might also not be coming for a while. Confused? You should be.

We're hearing some conflicting reports about the HTC Thunderbolt today. On the one had, we got a heavy hint that the phone might be dropping tomorrow. On the other hand, it might be held up for a while longer, and it might actually be Apple's fault. If you're confused, read on and we'll spell out everything we've heard today.

The Case For Tomorrow
One of the HTCPedia Shop's accessory suppliers has been holding out on shipping Thunderbolt accessories, saying that they couldn't send them out until the day before the phone launched. 

As you can probably guess, the accessories shipped today.

Now, it's entirely possible that the supplier just got tired of waiting and being pressured by accessory stores. But we're not the first to claim that the Thunderbolt was coming on February 24th (that honor would go to BGR). So it wouldn't shock us if the phone was either launched or at least dated tomorrow.


The Case Against Tomorrow
We've been grilling our Verizon peeps about the Thunderbolt for quite some time, and while they don't know for sure when the phone will launch, they sounded pretty certain that it wouldn't be tomorrow. In fact, they think the phone might sit for a while longer, and surprisingly enough it might be the iPhone's fault. 

You see, our source postulates that Verizon's iPhone sales have been less than stellar (this isn't a surprise, BGR reported this a few weeks ago). But, according to our source Verizon is worried that the Thunderbolt will further cannibalize iPhone sales, leaving Verizon stores with, if you can believe this, an inventory of unsold iPhones. So, (and again, this is just what our source is guessing), Big Red is actually holding the Thunderbolt until they move enough iPhones to be able to smile.

Now, I hear you, I hear you; that sounds absurd. It's the iPhone. On Verizon. Even if units are selling slowly they'll still eventually sell seven gazillion units. But if it's true, we have to say it's completely disappointing. We knew the Verizon iPhone would make life tough for the Thunderbolt, but we never expected it to be because Verizon was afraid that it would be more popular.

Anyway, that's what we've heard about the Thunderbolt's non-launch. Obviously it's all speculation at this point, so when real facts break, we'll let you know.

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By wirelessjunkie February 23, 2011 07:16 PM

i think it will hit Best Buy tomorrow, and all stores on the 28th


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