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The official HTC HD2 Car Kit - CU S400 is now available

4.2By Marchello Gadayev May 27, 2010 05:22 AM

Htcpedia news:

The official HTC HD2 Car Kit - CU S400 is now available

It is finally here! The original HD2 upgrade car kit from HTC, model number CU S400. This accessory has been announced ages ago (feels like ages) at the same time the HTC HD2 was released. Even though this car kit has been announced back in 2009, it was only released this month and is now available for sale. Priced at $89.99 with free worldwide shipping from HTCPedia Shop.

The reason it was delayed for a while is because the officially announced HTC S400 car kit has been re-designed. There is not a lot of difference from the original version, however the only change was in the actual phone holder. The original version was supposed to come with an extra battery door which meant to have a mechanism to hold the phone. The new version (and the only released version) on the other hand is made with holster-like holder which holds the phone and docks it into the charging port.

What's in the box: In the box you will get the actual S400 car kit, micro-USB car charger adapter with USB cable, a dashboard plate (with adhesive on it) and a user's guide.

Mounting the car kit: You can mount the HD2 car kit either on your dashboard or a windshield. If you decide to mount it on your dashboard you'll just need to use a supplied dashboard disk, which has a strong adhesive glue on it. Either way delivers a convenient positioning of the car kit. You can rotate the cradle clockwise or counterclockwise up to a maximum of 300 degrees. In addition, the cradle can be tilted up to a 50-degree angle only.

Docking your phone: Place your phone inside the cradle and line up the phone's charging port with the charging connector at the bottom of the cradle. As soon as you dock your HD2 phone, the NaviPanel application automatically opens. You can now tap the onscreen icons to use any available apps. (See images below)

The HTC CU S400 car kit for the HTC HD2 is equipped with a micro-USB charging port on the bottom of the car kit. When your phone's battery runs low, you can use the supplied car charger to the charge the battery and stay connected (for as long as your car's battery can handle it).

In conclusion, the original HTC S400 car kit is a must-have accessory for your HTC HD2, especially if your car doesn't have built-in navigation and car kit. This device will allow you to position your phone in a convenient way for safe driving, will always keep your phone charged and last but not least will automatically activate the NaviPanel application. 

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Comments (6)

By herculese1 May 27, 2010 08:43 AM

hmmm does this prevent use of the headphone jack? if so thats kina annoying if you want to connect you phone to your stereo.


By Marchello May 27, 2010 07:44 PM

Yes, the 3.5mm port is covered on the bottom. Yes, that is an inconvenience if you use your HD2 as a music source in the car.


By Trig May 28, 2010 01:00 AM

Should of been released ages ago, yeah ok so they redesigned it a bit but that should of all been finalised before the phone was released!!!
Not sure if I like it or not tbh, certainly over priced..


By Phenomenon101 May 30, 2010 09:26 AM

I have recently received one of these myself from expansys US. I hate to say it, but while yes the build is good and sturdy there is EVIDENCE that this car kit was MADE FROM ANOTHER CAR KIT and not the fresh build we saw very early on. The things supporting this are located AT THE HOLDER WHERE THE HD2 CONNECTS. If you are looking at one now notice how the connector can slide left and right. Why? For What? The device doesn't vary position of the connection port. My theory, it was an option that was going to be there for other devices. Second this is the connection port is on a rectangular piece THAT IS HINGED AND CAN SWIN KIND OF OPEN AND CLOSE. WHAT FOR? NOTHING! Nothing on the device calls for this. It's not even fully functional if it could be used because it only swings about a centimeter away. Again, my theory is that this car kit was initially built for another device and it didn't get built so they recycled the pieces ONTO the HD2 car kit. I don't want to bad mouth HTC, but this is a sad piece of information to find since this thing cost 80 dollars US. I don't want recycled pieces for that at least fix it and make it look right! I'm just surprised no one has reported this.


By jeniffer October 20, 2010 11:03 AM

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By jeniffer October 20, 2010 11:04 AM

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