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HTC Droid Incredible 101: Why does my battery life suck?

1.0By Nigel Chiwaya January 27, 2011 05:15 PM

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HTC Droid Incredible 101: Why does my battery life suck?

This post goes out to Stephanie, who over on our Facebook page asked a question that we get a lot: 

"Why does my Droid Incredible battery go dead so fast?"

Well Stephanie, there are myriad of reasons why the Incredible's battery life goes down so fast, and if you're new to smartphones, we'll break down why your battery life goes down so fast, and what you can do about it, in the sections below.

Welcome to Smartphones
If you're just moving on from the world of the feature phones and picking up a smartphone, odds are you'll be shocked at how poorly the battery life compares. Unlike regular cellphones, which can go weeks on standby, smartphones will generally last a few days on absolute standby. The battery life will drop even faster once you start to actually use your phone to do stuff, like check email and play games.

Why? Because unlike feature phones, that just use voice and a small amount of data for calls, smartphones have more advanced features, like GPS, email, web browsing, youtube, HD video recording, and video gaming. These features tax the phone's battery life way more flip phones, so the result is shorter battery life.

Blame the Robot
Another reason is that the Incredible runs Android, which is a very power-hungry operating system. Unlike old versions of iOS (the operating system that powers the iPhone), Android is built from the ground up to run multiple apps at the same time. This means that your email is working while you're on Google Maps, and Twitter is in the background while you're playing Angry Birds. This is great for productivity, but not so great for battery life.

So what can I do about it?
Well, there are a number of things you can do. One of the main things is turn down the phone's display. You can do that by heading to settings>display>brightness. The Incredible's display is one of the main battery draws, so turning it down will save some serious juice.

Another thing you can do is turn off some radios when you don't need them. If you're in the subway without a signal, put your phone on airplane mode. If you don't use bluetooth, leave it off. Actually, but turning off your phone's mobile network connection, you can get a HUUUUGE battery increase. The catch is that your Incredible won't be able to connect to the internet while data is off, but it's an option if you need to squeeze a few more hours out of it.

Another thing you can do is set your phone to sync to it's services less often. Rather than having new emails come in instantly, perhaps set your phone to check for emails every hour or so. Tell Facebook to sync less often as well.

Of course, if you need to double your battery life, you can always pick up an extended battery. The HTCPedia Shop has tons of those.

Anyway, we hope this helps you get through your battery woes. If anyone else has useful tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

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