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Hands-on the official HTC Rezound dock

5.0By Marchello Gadayev November 11, 2011 06:52 PM

Htcpedia news:

Hands-on the official HTC Rezound dock

We don't have an actual HTC Rezound smartphone here, but look what we have just received. The official dock for the HTC Rezound. The HTC Rezound will be launched on Monday, November 14th and if you are planning on buying one we'd recommend this docking station as an add on accessories. It will charge your smartphone and can also Synchronize it with your computer using HTC sync.

This HTC Rezound dock is sleek, featuring stylish and glossy design. Yes, and it does like the fingerprints. This dock is designed to fit with a standard battery as well as the 2750 mAh extended battery. However, if you are using a case on your HTC Rezound you will have to take it off in order to cradle your phone.

As you can see from the above image, the dock is fairly simple in design and features. It does not even have any LED light indicators, but I guess you would be able to see if the charge is going through by looking at the battery indicator on your phone.

On the rear of this HTC Rezound desktop cradle you really will not find anything except for a charging port, which takes any micro-USB chargers (wall adapter and USB charger is included in the box). 

On the bottom of the dock you will find HTC logo, and an imprinted information such as a model number CR S590, a part number 79H10057-00M, and an input of 5VDC. 

Take a closer look at the charging port. The proper name for this charging port is not micro-USB, but ExtMicro-USB. It does look somewhat similar to a standard micro-USB port and can also use any micro-USB chargers to get the power flowing. However, the supplied USB cable that came with this dock will NOT plug-in to any other devices with a standard micro-USB port (ie. HTC Thunderbolt, etc...) It is made for use with the HTC Rezound and this desktop cradle.

As you can see, the plug on the USB cable is not a standard micro-USB plug, but an ExtMicro-USB plug. It is designed to be used with the HTC Rezound (since the phone has the same charging port) and this docking station. 

In the box you will get a dock for HTC Rezound (can be used with a standard or extended battery on the phone), a USB to ExtMicro-USB charging cable, and a wall adapter. 

This dock is now available for purchase from HTCPedia Shop, by visiting HTC Rezound Docking Station 

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