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Is a Google-Android-Phone in the works

5.0By James F. Koopmann October 31, 2009 10:50 PM

Htcpedia news:

Is a Google-Android-Phone in the works

We really can’t begin this discussion without first mentioning that Ashok Kumar, analyst at Northeast Securities, in a recent article was mentioned as someone “who has apparently talked with some of Google’s design partners and says that the Mountain View-based company is currently collaborating with a handset maker, readying what should be the first Google-branded smartphone.” Ashok Kumar was also pinned down as saying that a “Google Android phone will use a Qualcomm chip, so it might be manufactured by HTC”.

One can only imagine what the purpose of Google developing a phone would be all about. Maybe Google wants to package their applications and get an upper hand on some of the software as a services industry. Maybe they will begin to tighten the release dates of the Android operating system and be first to market with new features.

Whatever the reason, we should also note that Andy Rubin, the man behind Google’s Android OS, has recently denied the rumors of Google building its own Android phone. And, according to CNET, Andy Rubin declared the following: “We’re not making hardware. We’re enabling other people to build hardware.” So, regardless if you think it would be a smart move for Google to venture down this path, we can at least state that, like hush-hush release dates of the Android operating system, Google too is hush-hush on these new phones. If you want to believe Ashok Kumar that is.

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