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What Creative Marketing Can Do

0.0By Reuben Levine April 16, 2013 08:13 PM

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What Creative Marketing Can Do

It should be well-known by now that HTC doesn't have the marketing budget to match Samsung's. In March, Business Insider reported that Samsung's 2012 marketing budget was $227 million ahead of HTC. Believe it. Of course, that takes into account Samsung's budget for all markets, not just North America. The HTC One is the device that's going to get HTC back on its feet, but spending an astronomical amount of money is not how HTC is going to do it. What they're going to do, and what they're currently already doing, is to spend creatively and where it counts.

The reception to HTC's partnership with Funny or Die has been mixed, to say the least. That doesn't necessarily translate to failure. Even if people don't think it's funny, it still represents a tap into a valuable market that's already gone viral. Besides being spread naturally by everyone talking about how terrible they think it is, it's also going to air on Adult Swim, various sites and in movie theaters. That's a lot of power behind one iffy spoof.

But they didn't even need to go that far. The HTC One Live Tour would have been enough. An old-school trek through valuable markets in the country? Sounds good. It's a very good idea to let consumers try out the product before they buy it. Combined with the massive amount of good vibes already coming from the blogosphere at large and you have yourself the beginnings of a successful campaign without constant billboards and commercials. 

For the moment it appears that HTC has everyone right where it wants them. The strength behind them is not an excess of capital; it's a very strong product. The buzz surrounding the HTC One -- which some lucky users already have their hands on -- is really what's fueling this machine. Even if you consider the Van Der Beek ad to be a major blunder, it's going to get the job done. For now, this is how HTC is going to turn things around. Let's all hope they're smart enough not to muck it up now.

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