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HTC to Host Launch Event in China

0.0By Reuben Levine April 12, 2013 08:21 PM

Htcpedia news:

HTC to Host Launch Event in China

HTC has sent out media invites to the launch event of the HTC One in Beijing. The event will take place on the 24th, but specific pricing and retail dates have yet to be announced. The 16GB version of the HTC One, which is a Taiwan exclusive, will stay that way. Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Ho has described China is an interesting a difficult market where they will have to rely on "their own marketing muscle..." instead of the carriers.

China is also going to receive three different customized versions of the HTC One. These models will have a removable back and are the only models currently available that offer this feature. Other unique features include dual SIM slots and a Micro-SD card slot. Without having pricing information, it looks like China's version of the HTC One is set to not only be the most unique, but also the apple of everyone's eye.

Another way of saying that would be to simply say that we're jealous. So, yeah.

Source: The China Post

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