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HTC One X vs HTC 8X - How They Compare

4.4By Athanasios Zarkadas September 25, 2012 02:04 PM

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HTC One X vs HTC 8X - How They Compare

With the HTC 8X looking like the Flagship HTC Windows Phone 8 device, I thought it would be good to match it up against the Flagship HTC Android device, the HTC One X.

Before I get into that, I will say that I think the HTC One S is a better comparison to the HTC 8X because the screen size and that the processor are the same. The display may be the same size as the HTC One S but the quality is completely different. Plus the HTC 8X is an LTE smartphone and the HTC One S is not.

The HTC 8X has a S-LCD2 capacitive touchscreen at 4.3 inches and 342ppi. The HTC One X on the other hand has a S-LCD2 capacitive touchscreen at 4.7 inches and only 312ppi. In this scenario I would say that the HTC 8X has a better pixel density but it is hardly noticeable. The larger 4.7inch display is very noticeable though. It all depends on your personal preference for display quality.

When we move into dimensions, the two are pretty close. The HTC One X comes in at 134.4 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and 130g while the HTC 8X is 132.4 x 66.2 x 10.1 mm and 130g. When you take into consideration that the HTC 8X has a smaller display, you would expect a thinner and lighter smartphone. That is not the case. The HTC 8X is clearly thicker.

Moving on to processor speeds, the two are identical. They both have the Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual core processor with 1GB of RAM. We will have to wait and see how the HTC 8X handles the Snapdragon S4 while running on Windows Phone 8.

The rear cameras are very similar till you get to abilities. The HTC 8X has a 8MP camera that can take 1080 video and snap shots while doing so. The HTC One X has the same 8MP camera but can also take pictures while watching the videos that you have recorded. Plus can shot in SLR type format. The HTC One X wins with the rear camera but does not even compare with the front camera.

The HTC 8X has a 2.1MP front face camera that can record in 1080, which brings video chat to a new level. The HTC One X has a 1.3MP camera that records in 720.

Now we come to sound quality where the HTC 8X has a definite edge. The new HTC 8X comes with Beats Audio sound profiles with and amplified system inside. The amplified system works with headphones and the HTC 8X's speaker. The HTC ONE X has Beats as well but it only works with the headphone jack and does not have an amplified system.

The last thing is the battery. They are both close but close does not count here. The HTC One X has a 1800mAh battery and the HTC 8X has a 1700mAh battery. Both of them run on a 28nm processor and are both 4G LTE smartphones. If you go by the numbers then the HTC One X wins, but we will have to wait and see because the smaller display on the HTC 8X may require a lot less power.

The HTC One X and the HTC 8X are both incredible smartphones and it comes down to personal preference on operating systems. Just to note that this comparison is of the US version of the HTC One X. The international version does not work on LTE but comes with the Tegra3 1.5GHz quad core processor.

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