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HTC One X & S TV Out: Connect To HDTV via MHL & HDMI Cable

3.0By Athanasios Zarkadas May 03, 2012 06:43 PM

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HTC One X & S TV Out: Connect To HDTV via MHL & HDMI Cable

The HTC One X and the HTC One S has come to us and has offered a wide range of abilities that HTC considers to be the future of the cellular smartphone industry. Being able to connect your HTC smartphone to a computer have been easy and I am here to tell you today how easy it has become to connect your HTC One X or HTC one S to your HDTV via MHL adapters (Mobile High Definition Link) and HDMI cable.

Before I tell you all about the process on how to connect your HTC One X or HTC one S to your TV, it comes to my attention that some of you have no idea why you would want to do this.

The first reason would be more kid oriented. Game play of course. Any and all games that you play on your HTC One X or S phone will instantly be transferred to the big screen while you can use your smartphone as the controller. Second would be to view all of your pictures and videos that you have taken on the big screen TV in HD. If you are on vacation and do not have a computer with you, then connect your HTC One smartphone to the Hotel TV and check out your gallery. 

Video showing HTC One X connected to 47" HDTV


Let us say that you do not take pictures or videos, and the heck with games. If you have anything like Netflix, you can stream it directly to your HTC One X or HTC One S and watch it on a big HDTV. There goes renting movies from the Hotel. That will also work for Hulu, YouTube, and any other internet video streaming.

Image shows HTC One X with standard size HDMI cable and HTC M490 MHL adapter.
In this picture above you will see the precise equipment needed to achieve the task of HDTV connection. On the right is a standard size HDMI cable that you can get from any electronics store or online and just below the HTC One X you will see the HTC M490 MHL adapter.

Image showing HTC M490 MHL adapter with micro-USB plug and HDMI out
Next, pick up the MHL adapter. You will notice that it has a wire coming out that goes to the charging port on your HTC One X or HTC One S and on the other side you will see a micro-USB port and a standard size HDMI port. Please note, you will need to plug in any micro-USB wall charger into MHL adapter in order for it to stream video/audio to a TV.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to properly connect the cables (in order)
  1. Your first step would be to connect the HDMI cable to the MHL adapter and to the TV.
  2. Next, plug the micro-USB wall charger into the MHL adapter
  3. Last, plug in the MHL adapter into your HTC One X or One S charging port.

Image showing MHL adapter connected with HDMI cable, micro-USB charger and HTC One X

Once everything is connected in the order mentioned above make sure that your HDTV is set on the correct HDMI input and you will notice HDMI logo on the top left corner of your phone. The screen on your phone will switch to a landscape mode and you are all set to enjoy full HDTV viewing of your HTC One X or HTC One S.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with connection your HTC One X or One S to your TV or would like to share your experience, please do so on Connect HTC One X or S to TV forum page. 

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