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HTC One X Drop Test Video - DONE!!!

4.6By Athanasios Zarkadas April 18, 2012 04:55 PM

Htcpedia news:

HTC One X Drop Test Video - DONE!!!

Today is the day that the world will witness the long awaited HTC One X drop test. It is really amazing what happens.

In this test you will see me drop the HTC One X three times. Once on its back from waist height then the same way from shoulder height. The next thing that I did was chest high face down to get a full shot on the Gorilla Glass.

After the first two drops you will notice the shell of the HTC One X can really take a beating only showing minor scratches and dings, except for the scratch that we noticed going across the camera lens.

The difference between the HTC One X drop test and other drop tests, is that there is no removable battery that will pop out when you drop it. Just watch the video and you will see what happens..

I would like to thank HTCpedia shop for providing the HTC One X for the drop test.

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