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HTC One Release Info

0.0By Reuben Levine April 03, 2013 05:56 PM

Htcpedia news:

HTC One Release Info

The release of the HTC One is finally upon us, and different carriers have different plans. Here is a quick roundup of what you can expect from the various HTC One carriers:

AT&T: Pre-orders will begin April 4th for the 32GB model for $199.99 with a two-year contract. AT&T is also the exclusive provider of the 64GB version which will be sold at a later date. Pre-orders through AT&T can also net you a HTC Media Link HD. April 19th is the official release date.

T-Mobile: Will be offering a unique contract-free installment plan starting at $99. Pre-orders through the T-Mobile web site are eligible for a free Car Kit. T-Mobile have not confirmed their release date.

Sprint: Like AT&T, Sprint will be offering the One for $199.99 with contract. They will not carry the 64GB model. The One will release on April 19th.

Verizon: Yeah. Possibly, maybe, in the future. Don't count on it for now.

So there you go. Pick your poison and run with it. It's unclear how much of an advantage AT&T is going to have as the exclusive carrier of the 64GB model and whether or not it's just a timed exclusive.


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