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HTC Gets Candid About Ultrapixels

5.0By Reuben Levine April 03, 2013 04:51 PM

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HTC Gets Candid About Ultrapixels

In a surprisingly candid interview with ComptuerWorld, HTC head of Imaging and Special Projects Symon Whitehorn went into detail over the development of the HTC One camera. The interview touches upon a few interesting points, such as the meaninglessness of high-numbered megapixels in small devices, and the HTC One's stellar performance in low-light conditions.

The HTC One has a surprisingly-low 4 megapixels, but the new Ultrapixel camera makes that fact almost obsolete. This obviously flies in the face of Samsung's Galaxy S4, which will include a 13MP camera. Whitehorn also mentions that the low file-size that the 4MP camera generates is ideal for using in Zoe videos.

Hopefully this interview and the overall positive response to the HTC One's camera continue to dispel the myth that large megapixels make for a better image in a smartphone. They can help, but should not be the only metric in measuring supposed quality.

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