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Éclair Confirmed for HTC Hero GSM Models

4.3By Michael Perlmutter June 03, 2010 04:51 PM

Htcpedia news:

Éclair Confirmed for HTC Hero GSM Models

About a month ago it was announced that all CDMA models of the HTC hero would be patched to Android 2.1, and there was much rejoicing. Granted that a month ago was a simpler time when concepts of what Froyo would be like were a pie-in-the-sky dream and Éclair was the golden standard for Android devices universally. A month later news that the second half of the Hero handsets receiving 2.1 seems a little eclipsed and dated, but regardless Hero owners should feel satisfied that their devices aren’t totally being forgotten.

With Google’s announcement that a shift to a yearly firmware update model this sort of thing will certainly happen less, as right now the shelf life of a high end phone is only a matter of months until rendered obsolete. Any support is a lot of support for some phones, it would seem.

HTC Taiwan’s Press release (As translated by AndroidAndME):

“On June 4, 2010 to open up the wireless software update, the main update function as follows: Android 2.1 operating system upgrade!

System will continue to send updates prompt, when you receive a system prompt as long as you can by clicking Download or wireless network connection 3G/GPRS way to complete your phone system updates. Note: We recommend you to choose to have free Wi-Fi environment, download the update. If you are currently using 3G network, the download may have to pay the additional cost carriers, please make sure to have unlimited Internet access rates apply for rentals before use.”

Update: The OTA upgrade has been released already. If you have a GSM Hero, expect to see it soon! 


[Source: AndroidAndMe]

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