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Android Hammers Apple In 1st Quarter

5.0By Athanasios Zarkadas May 07, 2012 05:38 PM

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Android Hammers Apple In 1st Quarter

In the fourth quarter of 2011 Apple had a surge of sales that brought them up to 41% climbing from 25% in the third quarter of the same year. Android on the other had Dropped significantly from the third quarter where they held the market strong at 61% down to 49% in the fourth quarter.

When those numbers came out, people all around were talking about Apple's upcoming takeover in the smartphone market. It seems the party is over and the iPhone 4S craze has settled down from it's October 2011 release.

New numbers from the first quarter of 2012 show a drastic turnaround back to the way things were before. As you can see in this graph, Apple has dropped down to 29% while Android shot back up to 61%. Which is no surprise to me with the level of Android smartphones to come out and the ones set to be released in the next two months.

September is a long way off for the release of the next iPhone. We still do not know what they will call it after the iPhone 4S and New iPad nonsense. I am still going to go with the iPhone 5. Between now and then we have the HTC One X, and the HTC One S that have already hit the markets. Smartphones like the impressive HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy S3 super phone will be out within a month. So, we can expect an even more significant drop from Apple till the release of the iPhone 5.

If the iPhone 5 comes out and it is not a huge jump in specifications and if the operating system still looks like the very first iPhone, it will not matter what the iPhone sick-a-fans have to say, the new HTC and Samsung lines will crush it.

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Source: CNet

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