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Updated ROM to WM 23152 with new HTC messaging client and office mobile bundle. Although lock screen is not changed making it similar to stock ROM lock screen and home page contains only 3 quick links this ROM is still fast and stable that never crashed or even require a soft reset.   

By A.Judeh

ROM REVIEW: » Miri HD2 WM6.5.X 23152 Sense2.5 V26»

3.3By A.Judeh December 30, 2010 05:00 AM

Htcpedia review:

ROM REVIEW: » Miri HD2 WM6.5.X 23152 Sense2.5 V26»

Have you been waiting for Miri’s HD2 ROMs? Here you go; Miri’s releases a new HD2 ROM featuring an updated WM version 23152 and updated HTC Messaging client. Although this ROM lacks add-ons or any essential utilities that could be found in other ROMs but still it is a light highly stable and extremely fast ROM that makes HD2 perform smoothly regardless of how many applications are working in the background. Lock screen not changed similar to stock ROM lock screen as well as the home page contains only 3 quick links.  

- Device: HTC HD2
- Release Date: December 28th, 2010

- CE OS 5.2.23152 (23152.5.3.12)
- Manila Version 2.5.20181424.0
- Base ROM:
- Based on WM 6.5.X (Lower Icons)
- Opera 9.7.36023

- ROM contains Document tab and Reader tab
- Activated 576 MB RAM
- No Radio Included (use your own)


- Updated WM build to 23152
- Fixed the problem with Adobe turning portrait when pressing Menu's
- Updated some OEM packages
- Some optimizations in drivers

Added in ROM:
-  NET Framework 3.5
-  Enhanced ComManager
-  FlashLight
- “Buttons” Icon in “Personal” to assign a program for any Hard Key
-  InCall Recorder. For call recording
- Tom’s Autoinstall

Applications in ROM:

- Adobe Reader
- HTC Album
- Audiobooster
- MP3 Trimmer
- Voice Recorder
- YouTube
- Windows Media
- Task Manager
- Games: Bubble Breaker, Solitaire and Teeter
- JBlend
- Calculator
- Sim Manager
- Call History
- InCall Recorder
- Camera
- FM Radio
- Internet sharing
- Longpress endkey
- MP3 Trimmer
- Office Mobile
- Opera Internet Browser
- QuickGPS
- Remote desktop
- RSS Hub
- Tasks and Notes
- Swype Keyboard

Removed from ROM:
- Default Wallpapers - album sample images/videos
- Microsoft Market Place
- Microsoft My Phone
- Copilot
- Msn Messenger\Windows Live
- WorldCard Mobile
- FaceBook
- Google maps
- Java
- Jetcet Print
- OOBE (HTC Animation after flashing)

Features and Testings:

-   Call History icon added in “Phone”. Can be added as a shortcut on Home screen to allow direct access to Call History List.

-   InCall Recorder is added. Works perfectly recording during a call (Updated)

-   Office Mobile applications: Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, SharePoint Workspace Mobile, OneNote Mobile and Excel Mobile with new Icons (Version: 14.0000.23152)

-   Flash Light is included. Helps control camera LED Flash.

-   Owner Information is added in Personal List of shortcuts.

-   GPS was tried using Garmin XT and iGO 8, both worked perfectly with fast signal detection (10 sec.)

-   Bluetooth Version 1.9.3 Build 1000 worked smoothly sending and receiving.

-   Phone Canvas: No slide cover.

-   Home Screen: As in original stock HTC HD2 ROM, No changes. 3 icons for programs.

-   Messages Tab: Updated HTC Messages Version 1.8 (Build Build 2019.2733) with “Secure Box”. Threaded Layout of HTC messaging is the default and could be changed to Classic Layout for those not recommending new HTC messaging.

-   Mail Tab: Default Mail Accounts: Gmail, AOL and Others.

-   Internet Tab: Opera 9.7, the best mobile internet browser you would use (9.7.36023).

-   Pictures Tab: Very smooth transition between pictures and videos in portrait and landscape modes.

-   Music Tab: Smooth transition between playlists, adding tracks to playlists is easy and practical music player.

-   Documents Tab: Fast and smooth shifting between documents in portrait and landscape modes.

Download: Miri HD2 WM6.5.X (23152) ROM :: V 26

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Comments (6)

By wi-fi December 29, 2010 04:28 AM

Can i install this on tmobile hd2?
Please guide...


By Judeh December 29, 2010 07:08 AM

yes you can


By Prolapse December 31, 2010 03:56 PM

What's the name of the Baby's Wallpaper?


By denmay1 March 29, 2011 05:24 PM

is there a link to flash the hspl that is needed to flash this rom??? i thought miri had a link to xda-developers?? also is there a hspl for spl 2.10? the ones I have seen are only for 2.07, and 2.08.... so what do you do if you don't have those???? thanks


By denmay1 March 30, 2011 07:30 PM

nevermind, I found the spl downgrade to 2.08.....also found the correct hspl...


By adeleltorky October 06, 2012 11:55 PM



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