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Feed your creature with candy with this easy to learn, intuitive to play and hard to put down game.

By A.Judeh

APP REVIEW: Cut the Rope for Android

5.0By A.Judeh April 03, 2011 05:12 AM

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APP REVIEW: Cut the Rope for Android

It’s all about CANDY! Feed up your creature with a full of physics game.
Cut the Rope combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate and precise touch controls. Cut the ropes by simply swiping your finger across them and collect the stars by touching them with the candy, but it’s not always simple. Think before you slice and be sure to avoid the enemies and obstacles. Every level is different and getting that candy to "Om Nom" won’t be easy!

In Cut the Rope you don’t just need to feed Om Nom, in order to get maximum points you will also need to collect three golden stars in each stage. Some are easy, some are deviously difficult; you’re going to have to use your head to get them all-but be quick, some of these stars don’t hang around forever! Dodge jagged spikes that smash your candy to bits, and look out for sneaky spiders intent on having Om Nom’s treat all for themselves!

Easy to learn and intuitive to play, Cut the Rope is hard to put down. As you progress, Om Nom will jump from one box to another, with more levels to get through. With each new box contains new and even more challenging stars and obstacles.

Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can see how they compare to rope cutters throughout the world via online leaderboards and achievements through Crystal!

THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL RELEASE OF “CUT THE ROPE” but still the same as the original one. Enjoy it!

DOWNLOAD:  Cut the Rope for Android

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By farukb April 09, 2011 12:26 PM

it's cut the roPe, actually


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