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Updated Manila Version 2.5.20212114.0, CE OS remained unchanged 5.2.23152.5.3.12 from the previously released ROM (V14), fully updated applications, and extreme battery life with unbeatable stability and speed.

By A.Judeh

ROM REVIEW: ▲ Duttys WM6.5.x HD2 ML Family ROM (V15) ▲

4.2By A.Judeh February 08, 2011 07:40 PM

Htcpedia review:

ROM REVIEW: ▲ Duttys WM6.5.x HD2 ML Family ROM (V15) ▲

Windows Mobile 6.5 cooked ROMs don’t want to age. This is what Dutty is trying to tell us with his latest release of the Multi-language support family ROM. Although CE OS remained unchanged from the previously released ROM (V14) this ROM received full fresh updated applications. Manila Version updated to 2.5.20212114.0. Cyberon Voice Speed Dial is included with the most recent update as well as HTC messaging client is updated to v1.8.20221620. Charge your HD2 and enjoy it for days with regular use as the battery life is an amazing feature of Dutty ROMs not forgetting its stability and speed.

Device: HTC HD2

CE OS 5.2.23152 (5.2.23152.5.3.12)     ●|||||●      Manila Version 2.5.20212114.0      ●|||||●     Bluetooth Ver. 1.9.3 Build 1000      ●|||||●      Based on WM 6.5.x (Lower Icons)      ●|||||● Opera 9.7.36035      ●|||||●      ROM Base: 3.14.531.1 T-MOUS      ●|||||●      HTC Messaging Client (Version 1.8 Build 20221620.00)      ●|||||●      ROM does NOT contain E-Reader tab      ●|||||●      576 MB RAM size is activated

Updates 4th February 2011:
CE OS 5.2.23152.5.3.12    ●|||||●    Most Applications are supported by landscape
●|||||●     Updated 99 % applications from HTC that include:
- Camera - CM Wifi Advanced- Wi-Fi Wizard- Voice Recorder- USB To PC Pop Up- Shared Resource- New Contact Card- Resource Proxy- Message Enhancement- Manila Weather- Manila Message- Menu Enhancement- Manila Calendar- HTC Lock Screen- Full Screen Player- HTC Messaging Client.

NaviPanel Home added in Navigation folder **** NET Framework 3.5 **** Google Maps ****Flash Light ****PIM Backup ****Reset button ****Whip2Snap ****Cyberon Voice Speed Dial **** Added XDA UC_NET_v0.9.4.4 for applications Auto installs **** RegEdit (Registry editing software)


Pre-installed Applications:

Adobe Reader ****HTC Album **** Audio booster ****Task Manager  **** Games: Bubble Breaker, Solitaire and Teeter ****Windows Live/Messenger ****Face Book ****Market Place **** Microsoft My Phone **** Camera **** FM Radio **** Internet sharing **** Longpress endkey **** MP3 Trimmer **** Office Mobile **** Opera **** QuickGPS **** Remote desktop **** Voice Recorder **** Youtube **** JBlend

Removed from ROM:
**** MSN Weather ****  Copilot  **** JetCet Print ****  Remove WorldCard Mobile
**** Ring tones

Features and Testing:

-   UDA: This application will install all cab files, reg tweaks, provxmls, run mscr scripts from a given folder. To use this features make sure the Rom have the security relaxed in HKLM\Security\Policies\Polices by setting the value 0000101a to a 1.
So unsigned installations and Mortscript will not give a security error.
How does it work:
1. create new folder on your storage card and name it: XDA_UC
"XDA_UC" is a place for all .cab, .reg, .mscr, .cer files that should be automatically installed to device.

2. In the XDA_UC folder create folder Manual: XDA_UC\Manual
"Manual" is a place for all cab files you want install in usual "visible" mode with all questions.

3. In the XDA_UC folder create folder Copy2Root: XDA_UC\Copy2Root
"Copy2Root" is a place for all files and folders that should be automatically copied to device.

4. Run UC_NET.exe, select your XDA_UC folder and press customize button.

-   Added Whip2Snap a handy tool to capture screen shots.

-  Added Cyberon Voice Speed Dial: assigned to long press answer key you can dial saved numbers.

-   Added RegEdit: well-known application to modify windows mobile registry.
ComManager updated, contain 3G tab and others.

-   Long Press answer key brings up (Cyberon Voice Speed Dial).

-   “Buttons” icon added in “Personal” to help assign a program to a Hard Key.

-   All office Mobile applications are there: Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote Mobile, Excel Mobile, and SharePoint Mobile updated to the latest version 14.0000.23149

-   Flash Light is included. Helps control camera LED Flash.

-   Owner Information is added in Personal List of shortcuts.

-   GPS was tried using Garmin XT and iGO 8, both worked perfectly with fast signal detection.

-   Phone Canvas: Updated no slider cover, default skin.

-   Home Screen: UPDATED. New set of 4 columns for Quick Links, added RSS Reader. Call History added instead of Alarms.

-   Messages Tab: Threaded Layout of HTC messaging is the default and could be changed to Classic Layout for those not recommending new HTC messaging, HTC messaging contains the new Secure Box to add messages to a password protected folder (Version 1.8)

-   Mail Tab: Contains extra Mail service providers: Yahoo mail, Gmail, and Others.

-   Internet Tab: Opera 9.70.36035.0

-   Pictures Tab: Very smooth transition between pictures and videos in portrait and landscape modes. Pinch to Zoom in Photo Album works with no problems.

-   Music Tab: Smooth transition between playlists, adding tracks to playlists is easy and practical music player.

-   Footprints Tab: Works fine, easily added footprints and tracked. Does not rotate when phone turns into landscape.

-   Settings icon in start menu takes you to “Windows settings” not to “Manilla Settings”.

-   Documents Tab: Fast and smooth shifting between documents in portrait and landscape modes.

Download: Duttys WM6.5.x HD2 ML Family ROM (V15)

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Comments (3)

By gooner56637 February 11, 2011 08:25 AM

I have only one issue with this rom. I'm experimenting not using CHT 2.0. So is there another way of changing the lock screen back to stock. It seems that when in my protective case and in my pocket the phone unlocks itself and has been known to call people. How can I put the default lock screen back.

Cheers in advance


By Judeh February 11, 2011 03:31 PM

Phone should not unlock by itself. Check again if lock screen is set to be auto lock.
Any way, there is a cab file you can search in the forum you can download and restore default lock screen.


By ecyoral February 14, 2011 08:25 AM

is there a microsoft voice command version?


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