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The extended battery's benefits so vastly outweigh the very minor negatives that I recommend this product for all HTC Rezound users.  

By Nick Mayer

HTC Rezound 2750mAh Extended Battery and Door Review

4.6By Nick Mayer January 06, 2012 09:30 PM

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HTC Rezound 2750mAh Extended Battery and Door Review

Today I will be talking about the original HTC 2750mAh Extended Battery and cover for the HTC Rezound. I have spent close to a month using this extended battery and have put it through its paces. I have arrived at a number of conclusions which I will cover shortly. 

The first thing I would like to talk about is what many have been saying about the HTC Rezound extended battery. I have seen articles from numerous sources that only talk about the physical size of this extended battery. 

[2750mAh Extended Battery next to the 1620mAh standard battery]

While the extended battery is practically twice the size to the standard battery, I can not stress enough the pure joy and freedom I feel from having nearly twice the battery life as well. Yes, you heard me right, "twice the battery life." Just today I had tons of running to do, was in and out of good coverage areas, and had lots of time sitting and waiting with nothing to occupy my time with but my HTC Rezound by Verizon Wireless. The phone had 30% of battery life when I got home, my Rezound reporting that I had been off the charger for 7h 4m. What really surprises me about that is I sat for two hours at the hospital using my phone non-stop, while on 4G, browsing full web pages(not the mobile versions), and using various apps. Then I sat at the tire place for 3 hours doing the same thing. I had 5 hours of 'awake time' before I finally made it home and put my phone in its Media Dock.

On the 1620mAh standard battery I would never have made it through half that usage. In addition, now that I have the 1620mAh battery as a spare I utilize the Spare Battery Charger and if I feel the need I just carry the standard battery in a pocket for an extra back-up (I haven't needed it yet). A little known fact is that the standard battery can be used with the extended battery door. While not a prefect fit, this will help you out if in a desperate situation that involves you being away from a charger for a very long time. 

Overall I have been extremely pleased and surprised with my battery life. I get on average from 16 to 20 hours of usage per charge, which is significant because I work in a low signal, metal and cement aircraft maintenance hangar. The extended battery's performance in this environment impresses me more than anything else I could think to say about it.

In conclusion I've come to realize several things which are good and bad.

  1. Huge increase in total usage time with the 2750mAh extended battery  
  2. The Official Media Dock works with the Extended Battery
  3. You can carry the standard 1620mAh battery around as a spare and use it with the extended battery door
  4. HTC Rezound with the extended battery feels extremely solid

  1. When using for long periods of time the phone can start to feel heavy
  2. Cases for the extended battery, options are limited

For me it is a no brainer. The Extended Battery's benefits so vastly outweigh the very minor negatives that I recommend this product for all HTC Rezound users.

Don't forget about our Hands-on and Battery Life articles when checking this product out. As always feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below or in the Rezound Forum where I am eager to hear everyone else's experiences, and if they have any reservations, about the Rezound and its accessories.

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