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Default NexTHEME-v2.0_Enom-v1.7.1/CM 5.0.3 and TheGoodies


This is mt NexTHEME that I had dropped on xda,all my work will come out of here for now on as far as nexus.

This is going to be xTHEME I just added Ne to the name thought is was cool,now this is still very BETA but I did most of the framework already. I am putting it now to bring some change to the plain nexus look and have a little flavor going.

NOTE: This theme is only for Nexus so dont flash on your G1/MyTouch wont work,put it on the root of your s.d and flash away.

NexTHEME-Revisions-3 3/28/2010

TheGoodies v4

Added updated HTC_IME v19 By jonasl
No theme on IME just gives options.
enom_TO_n1_181_OC_UV_HTCCamera mod By Enomther
desire-camera-cm- By Modaco with the edited resources .apk By Enomther
Removed frameworks from goodies since its really not needed in there.

NexTHEME-Revisions-2 3/22/2010

Framework-res work done new notification icons for ringer vibrate and
Framework-res same style of network icons but removed the xH and it just H,also made them brighter. Easier to see now.
ringer off.
Gtalk added black bar.
Both Goodies updated removed framework-res.apk was not needed so they are smaller in size now.
Maps had did another update I did not have so added that.
Removed the modded Launcher2 v6 to un-stable back to v5.

NexTHEME-Revisions 3/21/2010

Updated Cyans to
Added FB with white text widget in the roms now.
Goodies updated for cyans
Goodies for enoms have the new Mms and Music apps.


TheGoodies Themed by Me

Music skip By metalhead8816
The latest trackball notifications By ChainsDD
Mms Mod By arctu and Cyanogen
HTC_IME v18 Themed added now to goodies themed By gIMpSTa/Manup456
HTC_IME v18 By jonasl
All the other goodies that where there.
No trackball wake since its still not stable and causes wifi issues,but when its ready it will be added back.
Sense Livewallpaper By Stericson
added facebook with white text on the widget.

v2.0 Theme

All menu icons are done!!!
New graphics all over the place.
more apps optimized.
Facebook widget done.
New Maps added as well all themed.
Two killer wallpapers in gallery By HOCKEY
Cleaned up theme size.
CM_5.0.5 version now posted!
a lot more I cant remember.


Framework-res edits new notification bar etc..new stuff
Phone icon changed people asked.
TheGoddies are back with more inside.
TrackballWake,TrackballSkip and battery percentage for both roms By metalhead8816
Also added a a version without the percentage since its said to eat battery.
Also want to thanks to david1171 for helping get percentage on enom rom.
Browser edits.
Also check out the custom NexTHEME HTC_IME Keyboard By gIMpSTa


GenieWidget all weather icons done.
Mms from cyans rom allows led color selection
Control Panel Widget icons done.
TheGoodies for both versions posted
See v1.9r2 OP for pack mods.
The pack can be installed Back to Back with the theme.


New Clock looks great. =)
All apk optimized super fast.
Adding a pack with custom goodies.
Browser Mod By Wysie
Luancher Mod By arctu which I am waiting for NEW one.
Led colors By ChainsDD
Also in pack HTC_IME
This pack will come in the afternoon for now have fun.


All app icons from desire
Setting icons from desire
Few new notifcation icons
GenieWidget did some work with that.
updated to CM_5.0.4.1
Custom market icon HTC look.
etc...guys just looks great.

Enomther version tonight!


New Dialer used the same in NexDEEP just new color.
Popup windows I forgot are in
Pulldown text is white on CM-5.0.2 missed that


Full enomther support.
Full CM-5.0.2 support.
New Voicemail notification that was needed,
etc...a few others as well.
Modded Launcher2 is now a update.zip you flash gives options.
Highmen 1.6.1 update.zip works fine with modded Launcher2 confirmed.
CM-5.0.2 has it stock and works with modded Launcher2 confirmed.
Thanks to Zapote21 for all the white text support on CM-5.0.2


New Launcher Mod
New Dialer same look bigger and call backgrounds back
cleaned up some stuff
etc...looks great


NEW Lockscreen
NEW Contacts Dialer same look but done over bigger and better.
NEW Battery Icons
NEW Phone dialer black backbround.
wallpaper in launcher fixed orange edge gone.
Signal bar a lot easier to read request.
etc...touched up a bunch of other things.


Fixed the number 2 from adc to abc lol...


Popup windows done
White text on pulldown
new notification icons
Gmail notification done
Email notification done
Big Clock made into a .zip for flashing
etc...and even more coming =)


enomther 1.5.1 support with all OTA features.
NEW dialer
NEW Notification icons a few
keeping it moving....
Cyan support coming soon!!!!


Cyan_5.0-BETA Support
Few new icons notification and apps
NEW CUSTOM! Wallpaper
added apps like QuickBoot,Twitter,MySpace,
Tether Wired,Teher Wireless etc..

Need's to be fixed there is no reboot option like his rom it was either that or white text. I added Quick Boot which has even more options.


Framework-more notification
Phone-mad the with no box looks better.
Launcher2-did all of Launcher just missing a few wallpapers 4 new ones added.
Calendar notification icon.
New google font and style in search widget.


Even more Notification icons for apps and in framework.
ETC.....Better B)


New-Notification icons still more coming.
New-Dialer real new and I like look pic posted.
New-Gmail notification icon.
Weather Widget fixed
Fixed market issue also in this one.

NexTHEME-v1.1r2 Still BETA But Better =)

Got the Progress really fixed
New Search bar widget
Also added the correct keyboard background
Framework added the correct signal bars forgot.

NexTHEME-v1.1 Still BETA But Better

Progress issue fixed was a few .xml
Framework-res -new icons wifi,battery,alarmclock etc....more icons coming.
DeskClock-Now big Clock Thanks to enomther for the xml edit clock edits by me.
Widgets -done.
Dialer - Put it in but needs work.
Android Keyboard looking slick.


Fixed the progress problem
Changed the tabs back to default till I get the correct ones in.


enomther-For all the white text and add on rom great work bro!
cyanogen-For the new rom.
Also Thank AndroidSpin for hosting my stuff.
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I would post a link but I cant sorry guys.
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Here are the wallpapers I entered in the comp. =)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg HTCAndroidHome.jpg (190.2 KB, 11 views)
File Type: jpg HTCAndroidHomeBlack.jpg (191.7 KB, 17 views)
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Default Great Theme.

First saw this on xda and have been using it on my cyan rom since i got the nexus one. easily the best looking and has features i actually want and use. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to future releases from you.
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I will be doing a bunch of themes and keep this forum updated with them for now on.
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where i can download it?
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