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Default Best prepaid option (with 3G data)?

So assuming AT&T takes forever to release the Touch Pro 2 (it's starting to look that way). Which carrier has the best deals for prepaid with unlimited 3G data? Is there even such a thing?

I don't want to leave AT&T, and don't want to sign any contracts either. So assuming all the carriers beat AT&T to market with the Touch Pro 2, and I can't live without it, who should I be looking at?

Cricket has some pretty good deals. But it would probably be hard getting a Sprint/Verizon version flashed over to Cricket.

Does Sprint even have prepaid? And if so, do they let you use any Sprint phone on it? Could I buy a Sprint or Verizon Touch Pro 2 without signing a contract and use it month to month or on a prepaid plan with unlimited data?
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Talking HTC phone

I personally don't own a HTC phone but my brother does. As I saw it and used for quite sometime, I learn to love it and wanted to own one. But since I am on tight budget I wasn't able to buy one. But still planning to buy one in the near future.
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