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HTC EVO 3D Silicon Case Review

4.9By Nicholas West July 06, 2011 04:42 AM

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HTC EVO 3D Silicon Case Review

With the recent launch of the Evo 3d and many of you that have one of your own to show off to your friends and family, you may want a nice case to wrap around that beautiful 4.3' qHd display and those twin 5Mp camera. Let check out one of HTC official cases for the Evo 3D.                                                                    



The case fits the phone like a glove, having to put a bit more effort in to getting the case on the first time which is a plus for me lets me know it will stay tightly wrapped around the edges. It wraps all corners tightly and doesn't come undone when removing from pocket or putting it into your pocket. The thickness (roughly 2mm) it add to the phone still allows it to be one hand friendly. 

 Quality & Design

Right out the packaging the case feels very sturdy unlike some case which have a flimsy feel to them when not on the device. It has separate cutouts for the 3D’s 3.5mm headset jack, volume rocker, both mics and a cutout for the lanyard hole, micro usb port, and also the power button. The camera button and the 2D-3D switch are in the same cut out, and the 2 5mp camera and speaker all have one big cutout instead of the each individual cutout, ex:(a hole for each camera and a hole for the flash and speaker) which I find better than tons of little holes.


The case is not one of the thickest silicon cases, nor is it one of the thinnest but it does a great job at protecting your device. It provides with a slight design on the back depending on what color you get, the black one here has slight raised parts of the backing which looks like to give the case a bit of grip, but the case is still smooth overall and didn't add as much grip as I would like it to.


All the cutouts are clean and don’t leave behind any extra material like you find on some cases. It has the tendency to be a bit of a dust magnet, almost every time I have removed from my pocket it has been slightly covered in tiny hairs and lint, a good brush off will do just fine to remove the dust/lint.




With no real bulk added to the phone and the strength of the material used it seems to be a great choice of protection for your new EVO 3D. Its snug and stays on your devices wither its going in or out of your pocket, and it keep all your ports and button easily accessible.

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