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The OtterBox Commuter for the HTC One is a great option for anyone looking protection that doesn't add a frustrating amount of bulk. The two layers are easy to deal with, and the included screen protector is a bonus. Check this one out.

By Reuben Levine

OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC One

5.0By Reuben Levine March 29, 2013 08:09 PM

Htcpedia review:

OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC One

The HTC One is a beautiful device, so protecting it is obviously a priority. OtterBox has a well-known reputation for providing serious, sometimes ridiculous levels of protection for a litany of devices. The Commuter Case finds a nice compromise between protection and bulk; it's able to get the job done without adding an uncomfortable amount of mass. One of the joys of having a premium device such as the HTC One is being able to show it off, and it's difficult to do so under layer after layer of plastic and silicone.


The Commuter is a dual-layer case, and above you can see the first layer detached from the second. This silicone is rough and rugged, and provides adequate shock protection while also protecting the important features of the One, such as the headphone jack and data port with rubber flaps. The volume rocker is covered with a rubber shield. The back of the silicone also has the all-important cut-out for the rear camera.

The completed Commuter is where the money is. OtterBox cases perform well in drop tests, but unlike some other case manufacturers they do not provide drop test statistics on the box. The Commuter, being on the simple side when it comes to OtterBox offerings, performs well in everyday situations. It's not a heavy-duty case, so if you're planning on doing some serious outdoor activities you should skip it. Light outdoor activity, such as jogging or biking are where the Commuter lives. The added bulk is very minimal, and since the plastic comes up and over parts of the sides you mostly don't have to worry about the silicone making it difficult to get out of your pocket.


 With the included screen protector, you're good to go. The OtterBox Commuter is a great choice for protecting your HTC One in a way that makes sense for everyday activity and a little extra. It is the most balanced of the OtterBox offerings, and is made to please just about everybody. If you're looking for added protection for the HTC One but also want to avoid doubling the size of it, the Commuter is what you're after.

You can pick up the HTC One Commuter by OtterBox from the HTCpedia Shop.

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