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HTC EVO 3D Seidio SURFACE with Kickstand Case Review

4.0By Nicholas West September 20, 2011 04:41 AM

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HTC EVO 3D Seidio SURFACE with Kickstand Case Review

If you were once a proud owner of the Evo 4G and you recently upgraded to the Evo 3D and you having a hard time because you miss your kickstand well look no further Seidio SURFACE Case with Kickstand is here to save you. Seidio SURFACE Case with Kickstand brings all the love and joy you had with you OG Evo to your new 3D packing Evo. So if case with a kickstand is what you’re looking for then check out this review because this may just be your next case.





The case is a simple two pieces that connect at the middle of the back. The case covers every edge of the phone and leaves nothing protruding from the phone meaning you can lay it on the back and not worry about your camera or lay it on the front and not worry about the screen getting scratched. The case fit the phone very well leaves no room for wiggle. The method to take the case apart is hard if you don’t read correctly and even when preforming it correct it’s still a little challenge which is good, means the case won’t come apart in my pocket or pop apart when dropped. (How to remove the case. Squeeze the top half near the seam then pull the bottom off the device or squeeze the bottom and remove the top which ever works best for your device)


Quality & Design

The quality of the case has to be one of the best I have used on a two piece case. It’s sturdy and strong also a great feeling material (very smooth). The top piece covers everything down to the top 2D – 3D switch, and the bottom covers the rest. The inside of the case has a soft velvet material so that you know you’re safe taking off or putting on the case.

Now the main reason your reading this review or planning on buy the case is because of the kickstand, and let me tell you right now don’t even second guess yourself, you should buy this case because of the kickstand and let me tell you why. Seidio has added a kickstand to the bottom half of the case and it work flawlessly not matter which way you use it, but many of you will disapprove because it covers the charging port, but just keep reading ;-). Many people who have bought the case don’t know the kick stand works 3-4 ways. 1st it has basically two clicks to it if you move the kickstand slow enough, one that looks the same as the OG Evo and give the phone a more upright position. 2nd it goes back a bit wider (if you extend the kickstand the all the way) so that the phone is leaning back more. 3rd if you extend the kick stand all the way like before you can get you phone to stand in portrait and it is sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of nowhere. 4th This is the big one that will impress most you off you if you extend the kick stand all the way like in way 2 and 3 and then flip the phone over so the charging port faces up, well guess what the kickstand is sturdy enough to work that way too, given you total access to your charging port. So give two thumbs up to Seidio for doing that even if it wasn’t intended kudos to you for making a great kickstand case.


Now as for port Seidio went the open route and left all port uncovered but still made sure they were protected if ever dropped. The power button is fully and easily accessible, as well as the volume buttons. The headphone jack whole is a bit bigger that necessary but that not to say it looks bad or anything it looks fine. My only complaint is the cut out for the camera and 2D – 3D switch which has made a little difficult to focus my picture when using the button as the edge gets in the way and also with their cut out it does not show the 2D – 3D words so inexperienced user would not know what mode the phone was set to unless they turned on the camera, which is not a big deal because people who use the case will be the owner meaning they will know which is which. They made wholes for both microphone holes, but didn’t give a cut out for the lanyard hole at the bottom.




Seidio also has a holster that goes with the Surface case which makes up for not having a hole for the lanyard. The holster fit very snug on the phone so no worries about the phone coming out of the holster. With the holster on the headphone jack is still accessible, so are the volume buttons. The phone only fits in the holster screen facing in, I would have loved for it to be both way letting the screen face out, that way if you ever had the phone still in the holster you could see the screen when it lights up. Overall the holster is a must have accessory as well it complements the case very well.



If love and miss the kickstand from the OG Evo then this case is a must have to make your Evo 3D that much better. It provides great protection without adding to much bulk to the phone and it is one of the only cases that let you use the kickstand and still have access to the charging port. Stop seconding guessing yourself and grab this case today and give your Evo 3D the kickstand it has always wanted.

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Thanks to Seidio for providing me with the case for review.

Grab yours today over at HTCPediaShop (Link is up) 

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By melosumm September 21, 2011 07:32 PM

I had two of these cases. And had to return them to bestbuy.
You "cannot" remove this case without either braking it or
Chipping the paint of your phone. I had to replace my
New EVO3d because of this case. Don't buy it.


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