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HTC Evo 3D Case Mate Tough Review

5.0By Nicholas West August 05, 2011 04:42 AM

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HTC Evo 3D Case Mate Tough Review

Still looking for the perfect case for your new Evo 3D? Walking around with that bare unprotected device watching it every moment fearing all the possibilities that could happen to it? Want a case to protect against impact and bumps and scratches? Well we may have the case for you! Case Mates Tough case is a dual layer medium* coverage case.





This case is dual layer, so you will get the most for your money. The first part of the case is a thin but protective layer of silicon, which wraps the device fully. On the top and bottom is where the thickest parts of the silicon is as that is where the second layer does not cover. For the most part the silicon fits the device great, fits tight around the top and bottom of the device, as for the side they are a bit more loose as that is expected since the second layer has wrap around that it has to be a but flimsy for ease of adding the second piece. The silicon protects all buttons on the device like the power, volume, camera, and give the buttons a way better feel than have no case on the device, that a big plus for me.


Now on to the Hard Shell that goes on top of the silicon. When putting it on I find it way easier to do the camera side first and the other side next. The Hard Shell fits so seamlessly it amazing it is one of the best Dual Layer cases I have used. The shell covers the corners of the device I usually prefer silicon on the corner as it absorbs shock and when I see phones fall they usually land corner first, but with this case I don’t mind I feel as if I drop it on purpose on the corner that the case would handle it fine.


Quality & Design

As soon as I put the case on the device I felt like worries were over, the silicon felt great and the hard shell felt like top quality material. Before place it on the device I gave the hard shell a stress test with and without the silicon and I must say it did very well when squeezing the case I didn’t feel as it would just snap in half. The case fits the phone so well I felt like Case Mates were the one who made the phone it fit so seamlessly. Every corner and side is protected, as well as the camera and the screen is slightly recessed so that you can lay down the phone without worrying about the screen getting scratched.


I like what Case Mates did on this case by providing medium* coverage, covering all the buttons and leaving the ports open. I prefer one cut-out for my camera instead of a whole for each individual one as I like to see the red color ring around the camera. Instead Case Mates went a different route and made individual whole for each item, cameras, speaker, and Dual LED flash nothing wrong with that just not my favorite way to see my camera. One thing I will say though is that it seems the Speaker whole wasn’t centered correctly (See Pics) but that’s a simple mistake and doesn’t take away from the already low speaker. The Hard Shell case has a grip like texture on the back of it which gives it a very nice feel to it.


If you’re looking to protect your Evo 3D but still keep it a manageable size then Case Mates Tough case is probably right for you. One of the best case’s for the price it’s at also the case provide a great level of feel and quality that you would actually expect to pay more for a case like this. Definitely one to try out if your still case searching but I can bet your search may end soon after try and using this case for about a couple of days.

medium* covering buttons only, not the ports

I would like to Thank Case Mates and Chelsea for sending me the case to review, Thank you very much

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