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HTC EVO 3D Case Mate Barely There Review

4.0By Nicholas West August 18, 2011 04:41 AM

Htcpedia review:

HTC EVO 3D Case Mate Barely There Review

Ok so you so chances are you may have read the Case-Mates Tough review and figured it was too much bulk for your new Evo 3D and you like the feel of it with a case but of course hate the risk of dropping it and damaging it right? Well then Case-Mates has another great case for you to try this one keeping the thickness almost around the same, but also keeping your device safe at the same time. Case-Mates Barley There Case I heard nothing but great review about this case when it released for the Evo 4G and always wanted to try it out but never got around to getting one, now Thanks to Case-Mates sending me one out to review I can finally try it out.






The case is a single piece of hard plastic that wraps itself around the sides of the device. The case leaves the bottom and the top uncovered but still lightly protected, by given the corners some protection it adds a little lip so that the bottom and top of the device are not protruding. One thing I look for when seeing how the case fits is how hard the case is to take off and how much it wiggles, with that being said this case is nice and tight so it makes a bit of a task to get off, also doesn’t wiggle when pushing on the sides of the case.

Quality & Design

Well as far as quality goes there’s not much to say for a single piece of hard plastic but I’ll go head and say what I can. I also gave this one a stress test and it passed as expected, with this case I gave it a bit harder stress test because it doesn’t have the silicon piece to go with it like the tough case did. The cut-outs are also nice and clean no extra material having off around the edges of the cut-outs.


Now with design the case is pretty much just straight black with no designs or texture at all. I would have loved for Case-Mates to have gave it the same textured back that the Evo 3D has on its back piece. Instead they went with a soft touch feel to the whole case, which doesn’t feel bad at all. The case provides light coverage to the device by cover both sides and corners which are the main points of contact when dropping the device. Also makes sure that if laid flat down on the screen side that the screen does touch the surface. Now one other thing I would have liked to see with this case being a light coverage case is for them to include so some velvet on the inside of the case to protect the device and camera when removing and putting on the case.



So if you like your phone without any case but know you need the added protection of a case then Case-Mates Barely There looks like the case for you. It gives you light coverage with adding any noticeable bulk to the phone. Also leaves all your ports open and leaves all your buttons accessible.  If you find yourself asking yourself if you need a case then the answer is most likely YES.

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