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Another new ROM by Dutty that didn’t show much change from his previous ROMs, but he is still cooking the fastest and most stable ROMs with almost the most close to original HTC ROMs with improved and attractive icons.

By Ahmad Judeh

ROM REVIEW: Duttys Leo Rom HD2 WM6.5.X (23554) WWE

3.3By Ahmad Judeh April 03, 2010 12:22 AM

Htcpedia review:

ROM REVIEW: Duttys Leo Rom HD2 WM6.5.X (23554) WWE

From the looks of it, Dutty’s released new ROM didn’t change much from his previous ROMs, again Dutty distinct with his fast and stable ROMs with almost the most close to original HTC ROMs.

- CE OS 5.2.23554 (23554.5.5.0)
- Manila Version 2.5.20121412.1
- Based on WM 6.5.X (lower icons)
- Opera 9.70.35951
- Included Radio_2.07.51.22_2

- ROM does NOT contain Document tab or E-Reader tab (cabs available)
- 576 MB RAM size was not activated with the 2.07 Radio Version

Added in ROM:
- Updated theme from HD Mini
- NET Framework 3.5
- Google Maps
- Flash Light
- PIM Backup
- Reset button in start menu

Applications in ROM:

-Adobe Reader
- HTC Album
- Audio booster
- Task Manager
- Games: Solitaire and Teeter
- Windows Live/Messenger
- Face Book
- Market Place
- Microsoft My Phone
- Camera
- FM Radio
- Internet sharing
- Longpress endkey
- MP3 Trimmer
- Office Mobile
- Opera
- QuickGPS
- Remote desktop
- Voice Recorder
- Youtube

Removed from ROM:
-Sent Notification Message (when sending a text message)
- Bubble Breaker Game (hidden, could be added)
- Some Ring Tones
- MSN Weather
- Copilot
- Document Tab and E-Reader Tab (cab Available)
- JetCet Print (cab Available)
- Jblend Java (cab Available)
- WorldCard Mobile (cab Available)
- OBEX Inbox (cab available)

Features and Testings:

-   Nice theme from the new HTC HD Mini.

-   “All people” is assigned to be the left softkey on home screen.

-   ComManager updated, contains 3G tab.

-   “Buttons” icon added in “Personal” to help assign a program to a Hard Key.

-   All office Mobile applications are there: Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote Mobile, Excel Mobile, and SharePoint Mobile.

-   Flash Light is included. Helps control camera LED Flash.

-   Owner Information is added in Personal List of shortcuts.

-   GPS was tried using Garmin XT and iGO 8, both worked perfectly with fast signal detection.

-   Bluetooth Version 1.9.3 Build 1000 worked smoothly sending and receiving.

-   Battery dropped to 35% from full charge after 2 hours of continuous heavy usage.

-   Phone Canvas: Updated to Leo 2.10 Phone Canavs as its more easier to use rather than with the slide cover which is not needed on Leo due to active light Sensor.

-   Home Screen: As in original HTC HD2 ROM, No changes. It can be improved by using MaxManila or Cookie HomeTab applications and increase the number of icons showing.

-   Messages Tab: Threaded Layout of HTC messaging is the default and could be changed to Classic Layout for those not recommending new HTC messaging.

-   Mail Tab: Contains extra Mail service providers: Yahoo mail, Gmail, and Others.

-   Internet Tab: Opera 9.70. 35951

-   Photos Tab: Very smooth transition between pictures and videos in portrait and landscape modes.

-   Music Tab: Smooth transition between playlists, adding tracks to playlists is easy and practical music player.

-   Weather Tab: cities added smoothly and updated promptly. 

-   Footprints Tab: Works fine and does not rotate when phone turns into landscape.

-   Settings icon in start menu takes you to “Manila settings” not to “Windows Settings”.

Download Link: Duttys Leo Rom HD2 WM6.5.X (23554)

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Comments (2)

By taox April 10, 2010 06:15 AM

I am a topaz user.
I am waiting Duttys' Topaz HG 11


By jistirling October 15, 2010 02:09 PM

Seems like the download is a broken link


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